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After rereading both OotP and GoF I am even more convinced of two things:
1. Dumbeldore is pure evil.
2. Harry Potter is an idiot.

Okay, so Dumbledore being evil will probably never turn out to be true [although it totally should be] but Harry? Dumb. That, or there's, y'know, plotholes. Whichever. heh.

Dumbledore totally mentions Mrs. Figg's name at the end of GoF -- I know Harry had just been through a lot and all, but he's there, very clearly awake, and intently listening to every word being said. How could he not have known it was her, then, in OotP? Yeah, whatever.

Aaand, Voldemort definitely says something about Harry being under protection while with the Dursley's, and mentions that even he cannot touch Harry there -- another thing that Harry apparantly forgot and has to have explained to him in OotP. Which, okay, him forgetting that one is more believable... but still. [Oh, then again... he actually asks why he has to go straight back to the Dursley's in GoF, too... so I guess he did forget, or didn't understand? I don't know. It seems a little strange to me, but I can let this go easier than Mrs. Figg's name.]

OH. BUT. And this one really does bother me, more than anything else -- at the end of GoF, why do the carriages still look horseless to Harry? He should be able to see the thestrals at that point. Which, I mean, okay... so JKR hadn't made them up or something yet? Whatever, it's very frustrating.

I was more upset about Cedric dying this time around than I was the first time I read GoF. I don't know why... but I was. Gah.

I'm really curious about Dumbledore's eyes gleaming with triumph when Harry tells him that Voldemort used his blood to help him regain a body... I have some theories on that [both for what I think will actually happen in canon, and for what I think it should mean, heh] but I don't think they're anything new or even all that interesting, so meh.

I've got lots of thoughts and theories floating around in my head right now [mostly pensieve stuff, of course, since I was paying attention for it... but also some stuff on Snape and Death Eaters in general, etc.] but I really don't feel like forming any of it into coherency tonight... I might not, even, except for the pensieve stuff. I don't know.

In any case, if anyone wants to have some last minute conversation on any of the books before HBP comes out on Friday, feel free to comment here... Harry Potter has, once again, eaten my brain, and I'm going to go immerse myself back into the fandom I had been growing out of. ::grin::
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