Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

Randomly, I've been thinking a lot about HBP [of course] and I need to reread parts of it [if not all of it] but I think this is my new order of favorite books:

1. PoA
2. HBP
3. OotP
4. CoS
5. GoF
6. SS

Although CoS and GoF can flip-flop pretty easily.

And now...

Okay, I'm not getting over this Snape thing. But then I remembered something else... Snape telling Voldemort about the prophecy in the first place, thereby sending him after the Potters. Though he couldn't have known for sure that it would be the Potters, but still.
There's got to be something more to Dumbledore's trust in him than "I didn't know and I'm so sorry!" because that is just bullshit.
But I've always liked Snape. Especially in OotP, I liked Snape. I don't hate him for killing Dumbledore, but I hate him for being an evil character. Yes, evil can be interesting, but I liked that Snape was not a good person... and yet, he was still a good person. Voldemort is very interesting by himself -- Draco's even getting there. Having another evil, interesting character is not exactly a bad thing... but taking away my one, seriously shades-of-gray character is. This series should not be black and white... and almost nothing about it is, except for the Slytherin House. And it just makes me so angry, and I've been reading posts by other people now, and I seem to be in the minority over this.

I don't have time to write out anything super long right now, but I'm going to come back with some more, serious thoughts about this after rereading parts of all the books.

[As a side note -- the hating on Remus/Tonks needs to stop NOW, plzkthx]

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