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More HBP thoughts because, hello, obsessed?
But also some links to some seriously funny wank, because that's what fandom is good for. ::grin::
So yes, this is mostly about fandom and not the book itself, but there is some book stuff, and the fandom stuff is spoilery, so cut anyway...

In case people are not reading the comments of my other post [which wouldn't surprise me, heh] I have come to terms with Snape after much thought, cooling down after the end, and discussion [though the last mostly took place in other journals, but whatever]. Actually, not only have I come to terms with it, I've decided that I enjoy it. However, I may decide to change my mind on that based on how things go in HP7. Even though it makes sense, I don't want Snape to have been acting on Dumbledore's orders... I want to believe that he was good once, but he has now cast his lot for the final time.

Also: some people have been theorizing that Regulus is still alive. As neat as it would be to meet Regulus, I hope he isn't. Bah. [If any Black is still alive, it should be Sirius! haha]

The horcruxes are amazingly cool, yo, did I mention that before? In any case, this is all fairly obvious, but I'm posting it here for myself:


1. Voldemort.
2. Diary -- destroyed.
3. Ring -- destroyed.
4. Locket -- located in 12GP, unless Mundungus stole it.
5. Nagini -- with Voldemort. [I don't know if I believe the snake really is a horcrux, despite what Dumbledore says, but we'll go with that for now.]
6. The Cup -- location unknown.
7. Something in Godric's Hollow, perhaps; or, something of Ravenclaw's. -- Horcrux unknown, location unknown.

As I said, I don't know that I really buy Nagini being a horcrux... but I definitely don't think that Harry is one. Would Voldemort really have been able to make Harry into his horcrux when he was busy dealing with the whole after effect of not having the Avada Kedavra work on Harry? Maybe, but I don't think that even he was that good. I'll have to give some more thought to the horcruxes, though, and see if I can come up with some theories...


I don't understand all the hate for the new canon couples because I enjoyed it. However, the wank it has produced is some of the funniest shit I've read in a long time. I love HBP even more for the wank it's given me to read.
Best example of this: HermionePotter.Net

But seriously, to leave not only a fandom but also the whole damn series just because your ship didn't happen in canon and the rival ship did? How fucking immature can you be? I ship some things that will never happen in canon. Not ever. Bill/Remus? Not only will it not happen, but it's pretty much been completely ruined now. I say pretty much, however, because I already have a post-HBP B/R planned out in my head [bwahaha, it shall be awesome, too]. I mean... they're sixteen. If you really like H/Hr and don't think that R/Hr makes sense... guess what! They don't have to be together forever! SIXTEEN! The LARGE majority of relationships at that age won't last. There are, of course, exceptions... but this one doesn't have to be, if it fucks with your ship. Canon is canon, and it will always be better than fanon... but that doesn't mean you can't twist it some to fit with how you need it, because that is the joy of fanon.

Wow, okay, mini-rant there. But it is bullshit, but that's okay, it's highly amusing to read so whatever.

Also... OMG BLAISE IS BLACK GET THE FUCK OVER IT! Seriously, who cares? He's also damn pretteh, and I love him more than I ever did because now he has personality whereas before, he was just a name. So shut the fuck up, because now Blaise is not only awesome, but he's awesome as confirmed by canon. Ugh.

ZOMG TEH INJUSTICE!!! Seriously, this person just needs some help. [also, heehee, it's the post of bitter cosplayers in the HP community! No, seriously, I am more amused than I should be.]

Besides which, seriously, she doesn't have the Anne Rice complex. Her characters may be changing, but they are changes that make sense [to me, at least, geez] and, hello, her main characters are sixteen. They still have growing up to do, and they aren't going to be the way they are now forever. Seriously, I'm not anything like I was at 16, and that was only two years ago. When I was 16, I wasn't anything like I was at 14. Same for the HP characters. That shows character development and that is a good thing.

Okay, something more to say about the ships, too, and in particular Harry/Ginny... I've seen a lotof people be like "where did that come from, he just started liking her so SUDDENLY it was bullshit blah blah blah!" to which I say... so? What, you've never liked someone suddenly that you've been sort of friends with for a while? It's happened to me, and I'm sure it's happened to most everybody. Here's this person, this person you never expected to have feelings like that for because you're friends, and all of a sudden you find yourself wanting it to be more, and it's like a punch in the gut. So all of this "he started liking her too fast" stuff is just bull. Especially since he spent the whole damn summer at her house, hanging out with her. We didn't see a lot of it, but I can assume they were spending time together and getting to know each other and all that.

I do, however, feel bad for Dean. Poor boy. :(

Also, okay... STOP WITH THE TONKS HATE. Jesus. Sirius is DEAD. Doesn't Remus deserve some happiness? I mean, seriously, the man has a SHITTY life, give him SOMETHING. Especially since R/T does not undermine the possibility of R/S, which is more than can be said for a lot of ships that some people sail.


Okay, it's time for me to take a step back from the overwhelming amount of wank. heh.
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