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So... is it time for something other than Harry Potter in this journal?

No! Of course it isn't! You must seriously be thinking of someone else.


Okay. I haven't reread the scenes in HBP, and I'm still planning on that pensieve essay [haha, yeah right... I'm planning it, but who knows if it'll get done] but here's some preliminary thoughts...
After reading HBP and Dumbledore having the memories of other people... but most specifically Slughorn's memory... well, it seems pretty obvious that he still remembers even though Dumbledore has his little silver vial of memory, right? I suppose you could reason that it's because his memory was tampered with, if that's what works with your theory, but since it doesn't work with mine, and there's no definite proof either way, I'm taking that to mean that even when your memories are in a pensieve, you still remember them, which is terribly interesting.
The purpose of a pensieve, then, is to view your memories in a different way, to put together connections and things you wouldn't normally see -- or to show your memories to someone else, for whatever purpose.
But when viewing these memories, you're not seeing it from any particular POV, so then, does the pensieve have some sort of magic that can piece together, from your memory, the true events of something that has happened... or is it putting together a reality that is clouded by how the person who's memory it is sees things and believes them to have happened? I haven't decided which one I believe yet, but I think I'm leaning towards the latter.
More coherent thoughts on pensieves in general when I get around to finishing that essay, but opinions on the matter are, of course, always wanted...


I don't believe that Harry is the final horcrux, although I do think it would be interesting if it was a person that Harry had to sacrifice in order to defeat Voldemort. I don't know how likely that is, but I think it's interesting, anyway...
Another theory that I don't believe but find interesting enough to pursue is the idea of Ginny being a horcrux. Which, when I first heard, I was like "um, wtf, that makes no sense." But then there's this line in CoS... something about Riddle being able to transfer part of his soul from the diary and into Ginny. And dammit, I can't reference the exact line and page number, because my copy of CoS is currently loaned out, but... that's interesting.
BUT. And here's a thought that I'm sort of stealing from someone else, although it's slightly changed, but I can't remember where I read it and I didn't save it, so if this is your thought I'm sorry, buuuut... what do dementors suck out? Souls.
So if Ginny's running around with not only her own soul, but a piece of Riddle's as well... how neat would it be if instead of killing Ginny, Harry had a dementor suck out Riddle's soul, and then he destroyed the dementor and, therefore, a piece of the soul?
Not something I ever expect to happen in canon, but something that someone should try in a fanfic... not me, of course, but someone.

ETA: The dementor thing was [as far as I could find] first theorized here, so yes, not taking credit for thinking of that. heh.


I'm getting really sick of all the shipper wars going on. [Although even I have to admit that JKR was pretty damn rude to the H/Hr shippers in the second part of her interview.]
But anyway, yes. Wank on, fandom, but choose a new topic, please. And if it bothers you so much that you're leaving fandom because your ship isn't ZOMG100%CANONAPPROVED then that is just damn sad. So go, and go quietly. If you're not going, then complain if you want, but please refrain from doing so like an immature brat, because the rest of us have been having to work around canon for years, and that's part of what makes fanfiction fanfiction. So suck it up and shut the hell up, because you're clogging up my enjoyment. Jesus.

And speaking of clogging up enjoyment, people... Remus/Tonks does not destroy the Remus/Sirius ship. Not that it would stop us even if it did, but it doesn't so count yourselves lucky and stop with the Tonks hate, because it is not on.
Seriously, I can't be the only person in the world who liked the R/T, can I?

Although this does lead me to...

Nymphadora Tonks.

Could she be any more shady? Seriously? I mean, I love Tonks, but seriously.
This comes from the second part of the recent interview:
JKR: There's a theory - this applies to detective novels, and then Harry, which is not really a detective novel, but it feels like one sometimes – that you should not have romantic intrigue in a detective book. Dorothy L. Sayers, who is queen of the genre said — and then broke her own rule, but said — that there is no place for romance in a detective story except that it can be useful to camouflage other people’s motives. That's true; it is a very useful trick. I've used that on Percy and I’ve used that to a degree on Tonks in this book, as a red herring.
A red herring, eh? It makes me very curious to know what Tonks is up to, and what sort of role she'll have to play. Because I like her and Remus together, but I do very much hope that there is a point to her beyond giving Remus some small amount of happiness.
But she is shady and her motives are so unclear and I'm already throwing theories about her around in my head... maybe I can work a couple of them into my new fic [which, uh, will hopefully not fail too hard, because I hate it so far, but that's neither here nor there...]

Draco Malfoy.

Had I mentioned yet that I really enjoyed Draco in this book? I don't know if I had, but if not, then I'm mentioning it now. He's really come into his own, and he's finally growing up. I still believe he's going to be a Death Eater in the end, but at least we finally saw that he does indeed have a choice -- and, had circumstances been different, he might have made a different one. I believe he very nearly did on top of the tower at the end. In any case, JKR has confirmed, at least, that he would not have killed Dumbledore; whether he would have been completely good, who knows... probably not, but in any case, he's not just some clear-cut evil kid anymore, and that's wonderful.
And beyond that, we finally see that Draco is good at being a wizard. He's good at Occlumancy, particularly, something that Harry could not master [although whether that is the cause of his teacher or not is up for debate...] and he's clearly gotten better at dueling, as evidenced by the scene with Harry in the bathroom.
Speaking of, I love that scene. I love that Draco is vulnerable with Myrtle, I love that he still hates Harry, I love that he's unsure and a little scared, but he still gets the Death Eaters into Hogwarts in the end, because he is clever.
So yes, I believe he's still going to be a Death Eater, and he'll never be on Harry's side or anything like that, but I've never cared if he went evil... he had character development, and that's all I've ever wanted for Draco, and he finally got it, and that makes me happy.

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.

I wonder how long it will take Harry to realize that RAB is Regulus, and what he'll think when he discovers it. Of course, I find it amusing now that everyone [even myself] is referring to RAB as if it is absolutely Regulus... but honestly, I will be shocked if it isn't, because... well, because.
I find it interesting that despite being a family known for being heavily involved in the Dark Arts and such, a surprising number of the newest generations of Blacks have turned out to be good people. In fact, as far as we know, Bellatrix is the only one to be really and truly "evil" ... I don't count Narcissa, because she seems less like she truly follows Voldemort and more like circumstances gave her that life, and she could have gone either way. In any case, she's not as bad as Bellatrix... but Sirius was a Gryffindor, Regulus turned his back on Voldemort, Tonks is a good person [well, as far as we know] and so was Andromeda...
For having such a bad rep, the majority of them aren't so bad, yeah? It's interesting. I'll have to think on that some more, actually.

The Weasley Clan.

I'm really kicking myself for not saving links properly [failure to myself, I say!] but I've been seeing some people ripping into the Weasley twins...
To which I really only have this to say: they do some nasty things, and they make some mistakes, but I firmly believe that their hearts are in the right place, when it comes right down to it.
I still hate Percy. I will probably always hate Percy. He's an ass who can't even own up to the fact that he was wrong, and I may not always like Molly, but he is killing her with the way he's acting, and it's bullshit, and I hate him for it, and... ugh! He's a right prick, and the only reason I would be sad to see him die would be because Molly would be sad about it.
Bill! Poor Bill. :( But is it sad that the little shipper that lives inside of me went "oh, but now he has something to bond over with Remus!" ...and I even like Fleur okay. haha. I am such a sad little fangirl.

Various and Sundry.

- I think that Greyback is a disgusting excuse for a human being, and I would not be sad at all if he dies and will, in fact, be severly dissappointed if he doesn't. The fact that Remus has to live among horrible people such as him makes me want to puke.
- I want to know what's up with McGonagall, because she clearly must be imperiused or something and that makes me sad because... well, it does! And I hope it gets fixed, fast.
- I'm glad Hagrid didn't die, because even though almost everyone in fandom hates him, I'm actually rather fond of him. I felt bad for him when the Trio wasn't taking Care of Magical Creatures [although I can't blame them, really...]
- There's some great art for Dumbledore's funeral by seviet here.
- If anyone isn't following daily_snitch and/or hogwarts_today, let me take this moment to point out that you should be, because it's really the best way to keep up with the fandom.

I have, by the by, uploaded yet more Harry Potter icons, because it is clearly taking over my life. Alrighty then.

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  • (no subject)

    Tagged my theemdash, so... a meme The Rules: 1. People who have been tagged must write the answers on their blog and replace any…

  • (no subject)

    I keep forgetting to do these, mostly cause I was also going to do the one where you upload music, but I have not gone through and done music. But…

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