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Today has been one seriously fucked up day. I mean, really. It's been weird.
I could rant here about how much Red Lobster sucks and how fucking retarded they are, BUT... I already did that [and I'm sure barbed_whispers appreciated it, haha] so I'll spare the rest of you. :P
HOWEVER... I got Saiyuki Reload volume 1, and I got Scrapped Princess volume 1, AND the people who had been scanlating Prince of Tennis came back and released the next chapter. :D Their site isn't back, but I don't give a shit about the site, so long as I'm still getting the manga... so it's been an awesome day, manga-wise. :D:D:D
I did run out of Tenipuri episodes to watch last night [or, er, this morning] though. :( I'm up to 149 now, though... o.o Considering how fast I go through them, there isn't much left... haha... we'll pretend that isn't as scary as it seems, thanks.
I'm going to run off and finish reading all my shiny new manga now. :D

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