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So, I figure I should write something about AFO, yeah? Not much to say, though...
The con was okay, I guess. I was only there on Saturday [unless you count five minutes on Friday when I dropped faeriekitty19Kitty off, but I don't.] Didn't do much of actual con stuff at the con or anything... walked around the dealers room once and didn't see anything I wanted badly enough to spend money on. Did, however, buy Angel Cage from siriusxremusNikki, which was exciting. Heh.
Didn't wear Noriko at all, so I was in Michael all day... which wasn't too bad, since the costume was super comfortable. Yay for that. :)
Had a lot of fun at Pleasure Island, but wish we would have had more time there.. :(

...Yeah. I could go into more detail, but I really don't feel like it, so blah.

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