Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

Because I can spam if I want to...

Lyra's absolute faith in Will is charming and heartbreaking.
But I love how it mirrors Roger's complete faith in her.
::sniff:: I love HDM so much.

"...because he's Will.

Also... it's totally Lyra's trust and love towards Will that make me like him. I'm not sure if I completely realized that before. I mean, I do like him on his own now, too, just for who he is... but I wouldn't like him nearly so much, I don't think, if Lyra didn't.
But then, Lyra always feels in the extremes, doesn't she? She either loves someone, or she hates them, and there isn't much room for an in-between with her.

Gah. This trilogy really is depressing, but I love it so.

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