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So, I read Yellow last night and liked it a lot... yay! Now I want the second volume, though... heh. [I'm resisting the urge to look for it on IRC..]

notworthy has been sending me lots of new music... I love the Jordy, yes I do. :D

Went out to dinner with my dad and Pam tonight. She and I are going out Wednesday next week... woot? Let's hope so.

Also, I feel like a total ass, because I forgot that barbed_whispers did say that she'd be out of town... still. No excuse for not answering her phone, EVER, since I know she has it with her and it's on. Hmph. ::so ignored::

Having a random person that I haven't talked to in two years suddenly IM tonight was... weird. Very weird. And he's still a stoner, still a loser, and I really have no clue why he bothered to contact me.

Lost my internet for a few hours today, and that sucked.. but at least it came back on. While it was off I finished reading Amber Spyglass... still makes me sad, but I managed not to cry this time! My only conclusion about this is that sky_was_green has somewhat succeeded in turning me into a heartless bitch... >.> heh.
Going to read Lyra's Oxford tonight, and then I'll probably start on A Game of Thrones tomorrow.
Yay books! :)

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