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So, I'm writing up my con report -- as well as a report of the surrounding days, I suppose. :)

I haven't gotten any of the pictures off of Nicole and Casey's camera yet, but I'll be posting some of those when I do...
There are a few pics, though, that I snagged off of Eurobeat King's account. [Though he doesn't have pictures from all the days up yet... anyway, there will be more pictures to see in a later post.]

Also: if anyone finds pictures of us anywhere or anything, let me know, for I am a picture whore without a camera of my own and would appreciate seeing them... yay, thanks. :)

ALSO: If there's something that someone thinks I need to see/read that I missed while I was away, speak now or forever hold your peace, because I only read an abbreviated version of my friends list, and that's all I'm going to read. Too long, sorry. :(

You can't, of course.
But I shall try!


The day before we left... packing LIEK WOAH.
I don't really have anything to say about Wednesday, except that it was on Wednesday that I found out Joss Whedon had cancelled for Dragon*Con. :( SO SAD.


So we woke up and were out and on the road by... what was it, 10-ish? I think it was around then, maybe closer to 11... anyway, this was a day of driving liek woah. heh.

Things I'd realized I'd forgotten:
-Socks. ::facepalm::
-Julianna's mask.

We stopped in Gainsville for dinner-ish, and went to mall... I bought socks there, which weren't too expensive, but it was still annoying. Nothing I could do about Julianna's mask, so I was just sort of like "oh well." The Hot Topic there didn't have the Gankutsuou shirts they were supposed to, and didn't seem to know what we were talking about, either. [Which is apparantly going to be a trend. Assholes.]
Nicole got make-up that wasn't ridiculously pale or orange [wooo!] and we continued on our way...

We saw a Simmons BBQ at an exit named Grif[in]! XD So amusing. [If you don't get that, you need to go and watch Red vs. Blue NOW!]

We got to Atlanta around.. 7-7:30? Something like that. Nicole and Casey picked up their pre-registration badges, and I stood in line to register... didn't take too overly long, really, but the registration process confused me at first. I got 'Lucivar' put on my badge, because I didn't really know what to put there... heh. I guess I could have gone with 'getaway_machine', but blah, didn't want to.

Uh. Went to Steak & Ale for dinner, which was really good... and I guess that's about it for Thursday.


First actual day of the con! :D

We woke up early -- around 9 -- because we thought the Dealers Room was going to open at 10. WRONG. The Dealers Room didn't open until 1, and we're dumbasses. Heh.
But it worked out okay, because it meant that I had time to be in Merry. Casey and I ran around in Boromir and Merry, and got a lot of recognition... it was a lot of fun. :D

While wandering around waiting for the Dealers Room to open, there were some guys playing Jayne's Song, which was awesome... but it was even more awesome when some Imperials starting dancing to it. XD! Watching a storm trooper dance to Jayne's Song is, like, the best thing EVAR!

Well, that... and some guy coming up the escalator and thinking Casey was in a wheelchair because he was sitting with his shield beside him, and he thought the shield was a wheel. XD

[Casey was very popular, though. Some Frodo cosplayer totally molested him. XD "Have you ever heard of slash?" - "I won't make you take your clothes off!" ::cracks up:: Poor Casey...]

And I managed to snag the last free button off of the Browncoat table. :)

We saw Rain and Vikky briefly while standing in line for the Dealers Room to open...
So the Dealers Room finally opened, and we did our run... Anime Palace didn't have the Tsubasa Mokonas, which was very depressing. :(
Well, we did both the Dealers Room and the Exhibition Hall, but ask me to tell you the difference between the two and I sure as hell couldn't...
We also did a run of the Art Show. There was a lot of nice stuff there, but nothing I liked enough to bid on, really. Still, there was some gorgeous art.

Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures of Boromir and Merry, but oh well... someone from West of the Moon got our photo, so hopefully it will be up there soon and I can snag it and share. :)

After that run of everything, we went and Nicole and I changed into Daemon and Lucivar.

We went directly to the Serenity panel after changing, and got in... our seats weren't overly great, but they had big TVs set up so that we could see everything anyway. Found out there that not only had Joss cancelled, but Nathan as well... and, apparantly, Sean, though he wasn't mentioned at all, so I don't know what was up with that. But we had Adam, Ron, Jewel, and Morena.
The panel was okay... it was actually kind of boring, with some funny moments thrown in. ["Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you play a whore?" "Companion." (or something like that.)] Mostly the fault of stupid-ass questions being asked, though, I think...

Stopped into the Buffy Music Video contest briefly after that. Didn't stay, though... partly because the video they were playing at the time I didn't like [crappy song to some weird choices of scenes... though if you asked me what the song and scenes were now, I couldn't tell you, I just remember not liking it.] Also, they were in a small room with a really small TV, which was just annoying, so we didn't even stay through one whole video. Actually, I barely did anything in the Buffy track at all the whole weekend... heh. I fail as a Buffy fan. Oh, well... a year ago or so, I would have been much more into it, but meh.

The plan after that was to take pictures but there were, uh... technical difficulties. Or, as Nicole later put it, we were too in character. haha.
In other words, Nicole and I got into our first fight, so there are no pictures to be had. It was also a stupid fight, but hey. [And anyway, we did well for not fighting for so long anyway, I think. lol.] Ah, well... we'll just have to get into Daemon and Lucivar again sometime for pictures. How horrible that will be. :P

So after some time in the hotel room, in which we cooled down or whatever and Nicole and Casey opened a buttload of Yugioh packs [and yes, there was much jealousy] Nicole and I changed into Marius and Pandora... and yes, okay, my Pandora dress is the same as my Julianna dress, but I am POOR, and I worked with what I had. :P

Me in Pandora:

Actually had a lot of fun walking around in her, despite the fact that the shoes I wore HURT LIEK WOAH. Seriously, so. much. pain.

Casey, still in Boromir, split off from us to go participate in the LotR costume contest, and Nicole and I went to go see the Buffy Horror Picture Show.
If you know what Rocky Horror is, and I'm pretty sure everyone on my friends list does, then it was like that, but done to Once More, With Feeling [the musical episode of Buffy, for those who might not know.] It was apparantly insanely popular, as we didn't even think we were going to get in... we ended up standing the entire time, and there was still a huge line outside for the second showing by the time it was full.

But it was a cool thing to watch, definitely... I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the scene with Willow and Tara in the bedroom... and the fire truck nearish to the end. :D
I liked the casting job and everything, too, though... overall, seriously, it was just neat.
Also, though, it was just awesome to watch an episode of Buffy in a room full of geeky fans. XD haha.

So after that was over, we headed to the Bree party thing... only to find out that the costume contest hadn't happened yet, and Casey totally could have seen the BHPS with us. :(
But it meant that we got to sit and watch him participate and everything, which was cool. I didn't agree with some of the decisions on the awards... well, mostly the group award, I think. I think the group they gave it to didn't deserve it... but oh well, I guess.
Actually, the whole "Evening at Bree" was pretty boring, and we left as soon as the costume contest and everything was over with.

There was also a "Shindig!" going on, but we didn't go.. went back to the hotel room so Nicole and Casey could finish up on some costumes, and for some sleep...

Which leads us to...


It doesn't even really feel like this was my birthday, though... I mean, it was an awesome day, but with so much going on I would forget that it was my birthday until a phone call or something similar would remind me. haha.
[Still kind of bitchy that my dad didn't even call me, though.]

Anyway... Nicole and I got up to participate in the parade, which Casey decided to skip out on. Oh well. Got into Kaiba and Jou and headed out...
We finally found where we were supposed to be, after thinking we were lost... haha. But it took us another like... I dunno, 15 minutes or so to figure out where in the parade we were even supposed to BE. But we got our bright pink [fuschia my ASS] parade ribbons, and we met up with K. Can Opener from the Lair, and we marched, and woo. I think Nicole had a lot more fun in Kaiba than I did in Jou, but that's typical, so whatever...
Picture of us:

I look really weird in that pic, but whatever.. my BRIGHT PINK ribbon is visible, though. :D

There's also us in a group shot from after the parade:

So after that, we went down to the gaming room to play some Yugioh... we each only got in one duel with anyone other than each other, but at least we each won that one duel, too. :)
The kid I was dueling [about 10 or 11?] asked me if Nicole was my mom, though. AHAHAHA. I'm quite sure she didn't appreciate that, but it amused me a lot and continues to do so. :D [I should have told him yes, but alas, I did not.]

We also met someone who had "Mrs. Kaiba" as her badge name... classic stuff, people.
[Of course, someone with her asked me if I was dressed as Mokuba. >.> Is my Jou costume really that bad?! I'm kidding, mostly. heh. Still annoying, though...]

We rushed out of the gaming and back to the hotel room so that Nicole could change into Mat from Wheel of Time... met Casey down in the panel room JUST in time for the WoT costume contest. Robert Jordan was one of the judges... and Nicole won third for her Mat costume. She is Robert Jordan approved! ahaha. Feel bad for Casey that he didn't win something, since he's the actual FAN of WoT and all that... aww.

Did some general walking around and eating and dealers room and all that... we ended up skipping the Serenity panel in favor of other random things, since the panel on Fri. had been sort of boring.

Went and changed into Remus and Sirius in time for the Harry Potter Theories & Prophesies panel... Casey didn't get into Bill, though. :( Oh well.

While in Remus and Sirius, though, someone called us "Red-neck Jedi". We were like... look at our wands... look at each other... ::blinkblink::
Does my wand look like a lightsaber to you?! [haha] Whatever, though.

The panel was at capacity when we got there, but people left and Nicole and I managed to get in... Casey didn't, though. Poor Casey.
The panel was pretty blah. There was nothing discussed that wasn't discussed within 2 hours of the first wave of people finishing the book, seriously. "Maybe Snape killed Dumbledore because Dumbledore asked him to!" ::facepalm::

Later on we went to the Harry Potter slash panel... which SUCKED. I was so disappointed in it. I ended up having fun at the panel anyway, but only because we made friends with the people sitting around us and either made fun of the panel or talked about HP slash amongst ourselves. The panelists were just crap... I mean, I don't believe that I really would have been qualified to run the panel, but I think I could have done better than them. >.> They didn't even know what skyhawk is! ::shakes fist:: And they were, apparantly, a bunch of Ron haters... assholes. Whatever!

Best part of the slash panel -- Nicole: "Harry Potter is the Wal*Mart of fanfiction!" XDXD

So we left that and went and changed again... Nicole into Soubi, and me into... Seimei. ;_; Yes, I did Loveless cosplay. And I'm only slightly ashamed. [actually, I'm quite planning on doing it again, only less ghetto, since I only decided to do Seimei day of... shut up.]
Of course, I didn't have the ears or the tail, but as we were going to the yaoi panel... I decided that, uh... yeah. Seimei had let Soubi corrupt him. Or maybe the ears and tail were fake all along! :o ahaha. I actually looked for ears and a tail in the dealers room, but they had sold out of black, so I was like, no thanks...

Anyway, the yaoi panel was pretty amusing. We watched some DISTURBING sex scenes [O.O] but the girl running it was funny, so it was all good.

We also stopped by the Buffy Prom for a few minutes... it was pretty much exactly like a prom would be... some people dancing, some people sitting and watching people dance, and not overly interesting. We left after five minutes or so.

Random funny Casey quote from some point during the day: "That's not my boot!"
Which may not be funny to anyone else, but I shall remember it and laugh. :D


We decided to sleep in, finally... so we got up when we woke up, and there were no costumes to be had! Weird. Nicole and I had thought about getting into Kaiba and Jou again, but... no. We instead all wore Red vs. Blue shirts, which got us enough attention that we might as well have been in costume anyway, lol.
We also decided against wearing Anita Blake at all... didn't really feel like it.

But we went to Waffle House first... and there are Waffle Houses EVERYWHERE, but we had to drive for like 15 minutes to find one? It was odd, I tell you.
And I believe it was sometime around here that we began to think that Nicole possibly no longer had a job, as no one from her store was answering and we thought maybe she was supposed to be there... heh. Yeah, anyway.

So we got back to the con and went down and did a serious run of the Dealers Room and Exhibition Hall, which I don't think we'd really done yet... took us a while, as it was really crowded.
Played some Yugioh, etc... missed the Serenity panel again.

We did try for the Firefly to Serenity: Bridging the Gap panel, though... but the line was ridiculous, and we didn't get in. :(

Went and changed into Syaoran... and I had a lot of fun in him, even if it is impossible to breathe in that costume! But people told me how cool I looked and everything, which was awesome, even if I don't think the majority [if anyone] really knew who I was. :D

But we went to the Masquerade, which we thankfully got into without much of a problem or anything.

They did part of the opening for it to the Firefly theme song, but sadly not all of it... what they did do to it was edited nicely and it looked good and it was just generally cool.

After the children's section, there was something called Grease Wars.
OMFG, SO FUNNY!!! It was A New Hope set to Grease, and it was hilarious! It was sort of like the Sirius Black Rap... and was done by, quite possibly, the same guy who wrote the Sirius Black Rap, though I am not 100% positive of that. But oh lord, words cannot describe how AWESOME Grease Wars was... seriously, it was awesome. If someone can find me a copy of this whole thing on the internet or something, they would be like a god in my eyes. For at least an hour. :P

Anyway, so we sat through the whole Masq., and the awards and everything... it was pretty entertaining. I got bored during some parts, but hey. Whatever. The announcers were awesomely funny, though, so that was cool.

Afterwards Nicole and I bought pretty glowy things for our hair [hee, I am such a girl sometimes] and finally met up with Rain and Vikky... pretty much all we saw of them the whole weekend. We spent a long time talking to them, which was fun... but it screwed us over for food. Nothing was open anymore since it was so late... we ended up going to the Cafe in the lobby of our hotel.
It was gross. I don't know what the sauce-thing that they put on my sandwhich was, but I couldn't eat it, and I know Nicole couldn't eat hers, either... and the pizza that Casey got was actually kind of gross. Stupid food. Stupid expensive food. Blah.


So we woke up early for checkout and all, which was at 11... we didn't actually end up out of our hotel until around noon, though, I don't think.

We did one last run of the dealers room and all, and then we went to the Serenity panel.
Which was awesome. The questions were better, the actors were funny, I had a great time at this panel. My favorite panel/event of the weekend, I think. It was just... awesome. Adam wasn't there, unfortunately, but yeah.
And Jewel just cracks me up.
Her story about the girl running by with nothing but body paint on... "Boobies!" heeee!
And also her story about someone telling her that she looked like Kaylee from Firefly in the elevator... heeeeeeeeeeee! So amused. :D
Nicole was going to go up and ask them to wish me a happy birthday, but the panel ended before she could. :( Oh well... it was sweet of her to think of it. :D

So after that Nicole finished what she needed to in the Art Show, and we were on the road... DRIVING LIEK WOAH! haha.

I'm just going to offer these quotes from the drive until I get the pictures from Nicole and Casey to elaborate with:
"Why is there an upside-down giraffe in front of us?"
"Primed and ready giraffe!"

And also the car with a tail... heh.

We also went to one of the creepiest malls EVAR, where everything was deserted and closed and... creepy. >.>

Anyway, we got home around 1, found out that Nicole did in fact still have a job, and then found out that venus_blue was okay, which was SUCH a relief, and crashed.


Not much I want to say... back in town, had school. I missed my Astronomy class, but I made it to both my Humanities class and my Speech class with all assignments done. Had my first quiz in Humanities, which I think went okay.
I gave a speech on Serenity in my Speech class, though. :D Which was awkward, because I hate giving speeches and I'm not good at it and blah, but also awesome, because I got to preach about Serenity. :)
Some kid gave a speech on why cheese is bad, though, and one of his reasons was "because it comes from cow nipples." AHAHAHA! Hee. Yes.

Went back to Nicole and Casey's after class and watched Tsubasa [BOO!] and Meine Liebe [which, when it picks up, REALLY picks up. Next episode NOW, kthxbye.] There's also a live action out for Mars, which I still need to watch, and new Honey & Clover that I need to watch... also, new chapters of Tenipuri, Death Note, and Tsubasa for me to read. ALSO, new Cartographer's Craft and Laocoon's Children.. yes, I am still catching up. :)

Other Stuff

Dragon*Con TV was funny. "ROOKIE MISTAKE!" ahaha. [Referring to people daring to try and use the stairs in the Hyatt, and how they're STICKY.] The Dragon*Con food pyramid was pretty damn funny, too. [Alcohol, caffeine, and candy. ahaha.] And more that I'm sure I'm forgetting, but it was amusing. :)

I am SICK of Dairy Queen and Chick Fil A for a while... that's pretty much all we had to eat all weekend. BOO.

Being around SO MANY Browncoats was an awesome feeling. :D:D

I didn't really get any of A Game of Thrones read... but I did get pretty much everything read in my textbooks that I needed to, so woot. :)

Goodies List
So this is what I got while at Dragon*Con.

YGO Cards
-Big Burn
-Penumbral Warrior Lady
-A box of Cybernetic Revolution
The Gankutsuou phone strap
A Serenity patch
A Serenity button
A Trogdor shirt
Box set of DVDs 1-3 of StrongBad emails
StrongBad's autograph -- which came free with my other purchases and reads: "Ashley -- Gimme a call sometime. StrongBad" and amuses me. :)
A Dragon*Con cup [free from the parade]
The Fray trade
A Halo 2 shirt
"It's not pink. It's lightish red" shirt
"I like me" shirt
The Magician [art]
Thornwatch [art]

Aaaand, I think that's everything. :D

If you read it all... I dunno, you get a prize or something! :D

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  • (no subject)

    I need to register for next semester at school, and I'm waffling on what classes to take next. (Really, I needed to register at least a week ago, but…

  • (no subject)

    My therapist suggested I might try journaling again, as a way to just... get stuff out. She meant a private journal, which I will do, but I was…

  • (no subject)

    Reasons to love Universal: I got hip-bumped by Green Goblin after we decided that Thor doesn't have a last name because he's like Madonna. Then, in…