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BunnyCon 2005!

Okay, so yesterday was awesome and I had a blast and YAY.
faeriedeath has a summary of the day and some more pictures on her journal, here... but I want to share some pictures toooo!

All 53 of my photos from yesterday can be found on my LJ Scrapbook under BunnyCon 2005, but I wanted to share some of them here...

[If you go to the scrapbook, by the way, I apologize in advance for the crappy quality on some of them, but these were taken by a disposable camera and put onto a picture CD at Walgreens, so yeah]

Me and Bunny, looking scary... but happy!

The fire-breathing guy!

Katie jumping off the swing!

Left to right: Jason, Katie, me, Nora, Bunny

Jason with the bread. XD

Bunny eating her "birthday" icecream, lol

The bread has bunny ears!!!

Left to right: Katie, Bunny, Mike, and me. :)

But yeah, LOTS more on my LJ Scrapbook. I upated a couple other galleries today, too. :)
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