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Boxing Clever!

So. Remember that site, Boxing Clever, that I have but rarely ever update?
I just completely redid it. :D
I'm so much happier with it now!
There's nothing really new up there... some new fic, but only stuff that I'd posted to lj but never to my site.
But go check out my new layout! I'm really proud of it. :)
Maybe I'll even start updating it more! lol.

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY simplykatie!!! ♥ I love you, babe. :)

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    New band idea to be signed by Pete Wentz: Ron, Neal, and Simon!

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    BUMBLEBEES LAY EGGS. THEREFORE, DUMBLEDORE IS LIKE THUMBELINA! Just be glad I spared you the black and yellow font color. It was very tempting.

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