Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

I'm at school, and bored out of my mind, so I'm updating! Aren't you all so thrilled?
I don't have another class tonight, but I don't have anywhere to go just at the moment either, so whatever... I guess I could go put in some applications after I write this entry, haha. [No, actually, I probably will, but whatever.]

I'm so glad that everyone else is so excited over the GoF trailer, too, because it makes me feel like less of an idiot for how much I fangirled over it when I was watching it. :) [Uh, the multiple times I watched it, because yes, SEX. kthxbye.]

I had my first exam in Astronomy today... has anyone heard of Rate My Professor.Com? I went and looked her up on there, and people were talking about how hard her tests were and all that... so I was torn between being all worried, and being like "well, only the people who do bad go to bitch, anyway." So after taking the exam, I'm firmly in the camp of the latter, because her test was difficult, I guess... but only if you hadn't read the book or been at the lectures or anything. I didn't study overly much, and so there were a couple questions that I was unsure about, but there was nothing on her exam that was a surprise, and there was nothing that I went "why would I know that?" you know? Anything I didn't know, I recognized it as something I should know and just hadn't studied enough, so yeah.

Anyway, basically, the exam wasn't bad. Obviously I don't have my test yet, but I'm confident that I at least didn't fail it, lol.

Also had a quiz in Humanities today, which would have been a lot more difficult, only not only was it a group quiz [but on scantrons and graded individually in case you disagreed with your group] but it was also open book... as a whole, our group knew almost everything on the quiz anyway, but we were able to look up everything else, and there's only one question that I'm not sure we got right, because we couldn't find it in the book and no one knew for sure. But, one question? Not so much with the bad. Heh.

Since I didn't have A Game of Thrones to finish [WOE!] I read the Serenity novelization between classes... I read the whole thing. Heh. It was such a speed read. No spoilers, so no cut, but I enjoyed it a lot. It was mostly just the scenes from the movie, of course, but there were some things that weren't in the movie... nothing major, obviously, but I am a Firefly/Serenity freak and will take any small thing that is offered to me. And I think I'd heard that those scenes were scenes that were just cut from the movie? I don't know? Anyway... yes. It was good, and I'm glad I read it, and I may even read it again after I see the movie again, because I liked it a lot.

[If you haven't seen the movie, DO NOT read the book first. Obviously, I think, but still. Seriously.]

Blah. The school computer fails, because while I can go online and yay, I can't make icons or download my shit or anything, and I'm feeling very bored because of it. Stupid boring crap. heh.

Yeah, okay. I could ramble on to entertain myself and bore you all, but I suppose I'll just go play solitaire for a while or something. :)

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