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He does not read this journal, but happy birthday to copperbadge anyway. heh.

I got an 84% on my first astronomy exam. :D:D I was pleased.

I was *less* pleased with my Humanities quiz grades (C on the first one and B- on the second) but at least I didn't fail them right? Should be getting my papers back on Thursday, which is *also* exam day... which terrifies me, considering my quiz grades. There shall be studying, oh yes.

First speech was tonight in my speech class... I *hate* giving speeches. HATE it. I get nerves like nothing, I swear. I was shaking the entire time I was up there and it was horrible and awful and woe. :(
I *feel* like I did fucking awful, which probably means I didn't do too badly, since I'm a bad judge when it comes to speeches. I can usually guess how I did on tests [and I generally take tests pretty well, but whatever] but speeches elude me. I feel like I failed it, but whatever. I'll get that back next Tuesday, and then I'll know.
However, I was within the time limit (3-4 minutes, and I was at about 3:40) so bonus points to me, I suppose, since the large majority of the class fell beneath the 3 minute mark. (And one or two people went over, Jesus, like I needed 8 minutes about you? Thanks so much, really.)

Job interview tomorrow. I'm feeling confident about it -- and it certainly made my dad a happy camper. :)

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