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Lists are good, lists are fun.

1. The interview went well today, I think. :) She seemed to like me well enough, anyway... she said they were considering me for a clerical position, actually, which is awesome and so much better than cashiering, which I would do, but do not particularly want to do. I have another interview on Friday with the store manager [? I think that's who, she wasn't overly clear] so... woot! ::crosses fingers::

2. This is mostly for barbed_whispers, who specifically asked me to keep her informed, but other people will want to know as well I'm sure:
Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk will appear on VH1s The Best Week Ever on Friday, Sept 23 (check local listings)
Adam Baldwin hosts "SciFi Inside: Serenity," a behind-the-scenes special that includes an exclusive clip! (SCIFI Channel, Tuesday, September 27 at 10PM.)
I got that off of the Browncoat site... everyone has probably signed up, but if you haven't, then please do... support the movie AND give me points so I can get more cool shit! I will love you lots. :) [I want the goddamn chopsticks, and I need another 1300 points to do it! argh!]
[Has anyone seen the official Serenity magazine out anywhere yet? Okay, correction -- anyone in Orlando? I know some people have it already, and they SUCK, but I want it, and I haven't seen it anywhere, so give me a heads up if you have, mmkay?]

3. Went bed shopping after my interview. Good freaking lord, but spending that much time with my stepmom and grandmother was NOT a fun experience, to say the least. Especially since Pam never wants to decide on ANYTHING, EVER and everything is just fucking annoying and I hate her and I HATE dealing with her and it totally fucks up my day every time I ever, ever have to be anywhere near her or talking to her or anything. And I sound like a whiny bitch, and I don't care because she is the biggest bitch ever and UGHHHHHHH.
And the whole day was pointless anyway, because I'm probably not going to get anything new anyway, which doesn't really bother me... but tell me that before I spend a day hating life, thanks much. RAAR.

4. No, I still hate my stepmom. Give me a minute to calm the fuck down, as even thinking about it drives me into a rage. Number four is on a break.

5. Okay. Okay. To counter that a little, I LOVE my mom. I love my mom so much. She is the greatest woman I have ever known, and I talk to her about [almost] everything, and there couldn't be a better mom ever.

6. I have an exam in Humanities tomorrow. I am terrified. ::prays to the test god, or something:: Seriously. I love this class, but it's definitely more difficult than I thought it would be. It's worth it, because I really do love it, but still. So. Afraid. ::breaks down a little::

7. I have used SO MUCH GAS this week. Tuesday, Wednesday, tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday back and forth from home to the east side of town. I cannot WAIT until I move over to that area... because I'm excited to live with faeriedeath mostly, but OMG GAS SAVING AND NO TOLLS IT WILL BE A THING OF BEAUTY! I wouldn't be able to even afford a job at Target if it weren't for me moving... isn't that the saddest thing ever? Sigh. [This week is just worse than most, though... oh well. Or something. I guess.]

8. I don't know why I stopped playing FF:X-2. [Okay, yes I do... I got pissed off.] ANYWAY. I like this game a lot. It's not my favorite game ever, but I enjoy it and it's pretty and I always did like Yuna anyway, so wee! I like Rikku okay, but she was never a favorite... I don't like Paine as much as notworthy does, but I like her well enough, too. Woo. Or something.

...I think I'm done here.

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