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Just a few things to report..

I got the job at Target. :D:D
I got there about ten minutes early... and then waited for 40 minutes until they were ready to talk to me. o.O Oh well, heh. After the interview was over, he told me to wait in the break room and they'd tell me in a few minutes when I could expect to hear about the job... [my first thought: oh great, more waiting] but then Niccole [and yes I spelled that right, I have no idea why there's two c's in her name] came in and told me that they were offering me the job. :D I went and took the drug test, and they'll be calling me in 3-4 days to tell me the date of my orientation. Pay's decent, too. :D ::very happy about this::

I watched the first two episodes of Reunion when I got home today, and I enjoyed them a lot... I have no idea if I'll be able to keep up with the show, since I'll be losing the TiVo-like thing my mom has soon [and oh god, I'm going to have to wake myself up for Yugioh, too... someone shoot me] but I think I'll try, since I did enjoy it a lot. [We won't talk about how the first episode nearly made me cry because I am a romantic sucker, oh no we will not.]

I played more of X-2 today. :x I'm almost done with the second chapter... but, uh. So. That bath scene, yeah? Just a little slashy. Yeah. Just a tiny bit. omgtherewassexwtf ::ahem::

I slept better last night than I have in a while... and I can't even say that I've become too used to sleeping on fluffymaru's couch or anything, because I didn't even sleep on the one I usually sleep on... and they feel different. I'm still really fucking tired, and have been all day, but not quite as much so as the last few days... I think my body finally just went "yeah, can't do this anymore" because I crashed over there. heh. <3.

My dad will be picking me up at 9:30 tomorrow. ;_; But then Sunday... oh, Sunday I can sleep in! Which is glorious, and there has been too long a span of days when this was not possible. THANK YOU, SUNDAY.

In my last bit of news, I got the Serenity magazine yesterday. :D Haven't finished reading it yet, but <3 anyway.

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