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Expect a post about moving in and such tomorrow, when I actually have my bookshelves and TV and everything else here...

But for now, a fic. :)

Title: Freedom
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Pairing: Gen, Mal.
Rating: PG
Warnings: MAJOR SERENITY SPOILERS! Do not read this if you haven’t seen the movie yet!
Disclaimer: Not mine, I own nothing, please don't sue.
Author's Note: Wrote this for notworthy a while ago, and had to sit on it because she hadn't seen Serenity yet. But now she has and I can post it for her, YAY! I hope you like it, sweetie. :D
Summary: Mal and his boat.

The world was a changin’ place. Everything was different now things were known.

Least, they should’ve been. Things didn’t always work so cleanly, though.

Zoe got on alright. Mal wasn’t stupid, though – he knew she was hurting, could see it in the false way she smiled, if she did at all. Could see it in the desperate way she fought, like she was hoping to die. But she never said nothin’, and he wouldn’t pry.

He did admit it was easier now the Alliance wasn’t as gung ho to have River back. He wasn’t convinced that fight was over; on hold for a while, though, maybe. They’d be after her again, surely, as skilled a fighter as she turned out to be. But they had a moment of quiet, and the number of jobs they could take increased because of it.

Mal watched dispassionately as Kaylee and Simon grew closer. He wouldn’t tell them not to; not his place. He didn’t approve, though – look what happened to Zoe when she got too involved. Look what it had done to him when he got too friendly. It was right to care about people, about your crew, he was sure – but gettin’ too close, loving people… a line had to be drawn somewhere. Things weren’t safe enough out in the black for carin’ over much. ‘Verse would never be safe enough, he reckoned.

He was glad when Inara left again. He’d missed her the first time, sure, but havin’ her back even a short time had proved what he’d known – she messed him up too good, and while that might be somethin’ special for some people, it was somethin’ he couldn’t afford. Maybe she realized it, too, but he hadn’t comforted her when she’d cried, and things were more peaceful – made more sense – now she was gone.

But he had his ship. He always had his ship. Sure, Serenity was a little worse for the ride; she still flew. That was all that mattered. If he had Serenity, he had freedom. He could fly, which meant he could do anything – it made him mighty.

Wash was gone. So was Book, and Inara. Zoe did her job, but she was as good as dead – Jayne had never been much company, he didn’t understand River; Kaylee and Simon were surely settin’ up for a fall. But Serenity was there, Serenity was constant, and Serenity was all he needed.

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