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I'm bored, and in the computer lab, so I'm updating, because I can. So yes, there's really no point to this. Oh well.

I really, really hope that I get back my grade from the Humanities test today. It's been bothering me since we took it two weeks ago, and I just want to know.

I was going to work on Government work today in the lab, but for some reason I can't sign onto my WebCT from here... it's telling me that my password is wrong, but that makes no sense since I sign in just fine from home. I don't know. But it's annoying that I wanted to do school work and I can't.

Another Astronomy test is coming up on Thursday, yet I fail to be worried about that. But that's not exactly a bad thing -- I will study for it, but I think it's going to be fine. woot.

I still haven't heard from Target, and it's getting really annoying, actually. I'm like... if I'm hired like you say I am, then give me my damn job! I could really use a paycheck. I called CheckPoint Services this morning before classes, and they said that they did get my fax and that my paperwork went out to the corporate office on September 30th... and then the corporate office has to actually send it to my store and then I'll get my orientation date. Since the 30th was Friday, that's three days, today makes four... I think, right? Not counting Sunday, since mail doesn't run on Sunday. So if I don't hear from them soon, I'll be calling them tomorrow or Thursday, since I think that's enough time... but it's so aggravating. I've never had this much of an issue actually starting work once I knew I had a job. Argh!

Okay. I'm still bored. Blah. But I can't go home, because if I do I'll never convince myself to drive back here again for class. Dilemma! Sigh.
I'll find something else to waste the rest of my time.
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