Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

Voice Post:

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“So I'm a geek and I'm bored and I haven't done a phone post in ages (I don't know why,) so I decided I would do one and there's really no post to this, and it's just as boring as any other livejournal entry that I ever make, but people will see it on my friendslist and they'll be like "Ooh, a voice post, that must be something cool," and then they'll download it and you'll hear this and you'll be thoroughly disappointed, but whatever, that's your fault for downloading the boring voice post in the first place.
I think I'm done here.

Now, while I have the attention of Kashley's friendslist...
Ashley lives in a house full of people who have names which start with K. I am currently not using the K in my name (as Lisa will note.) Therefore, Ashley has been redubbed Kashley. Respond accordingly.
Also, that entire phone post was one sentence. Breathe, Kashley, breathe.”

Transcribed by: sky_was_green
Tags: voice post

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