Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

I love my roommate.
When I got off of work tonight, I had a phone call from faeriedeath. Well, sort of... but from Jason, really. Who started reciting the quadratic formula to me to try and prove that he wasn't drunk.
I might have bought it [no, not really] but then I listened to her phone post, with him saying "We're not fighting Mexicans, we're staying home with a taser gun!" and "Taser guns have electrons!" and I about died laughing. Oh, Jason. You don't read this, but how I plan to make so much fun of you when you and Katie get back on Sunday. Ohhh yes. Be prepared.

In other news... first actual day of training and stuff tonight. It sucked. Not because of the actual job, though... I think I'll enjoy it once I know it and all. But the lady training me was so negative... talking bad about Target the entire time and everything. >.< I'm like... shut up. Seriously. Also, she's just not good at training... she said I'm the first person she's ever trained, and yeah, it shows. She would do things, and totally not explain them. I would ask her to, and she would... explain without explaining, if that makes sense. So I learned how to do the basics of the job, because I couldn't not learn or I would have been doing nothing but sitting on my ass all night, but she didn't explain any of the computer work or anything to me. She's going to have to, though. Ugh. Thankfully, the day that I open while still in training I'll be with Carol instead of her...
Anyway. I did mostly enjoy it, though. It's not as stressful as I thought it would be, although I do sort of wish that there had been more for me to do, as it was pretty slow at points... she did say that that was unusual though, so I hope it's not so slow next time I go in. But. Yay, job!

[OMG, Katie and Jason just called me again. I wish I could record this. AHAHAHA.]
Tags: crack!, crazies, good times, work

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