Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

and now for some pointless Harry Potter memes...

Which Harry Male Harry Potter Character Will seduce You? by jarrad_wolfspirit
Seduced byProffessor Remus Lupin
WhereOut in the forest
What pick up line did he use?Pick up line? He just started snogging me.
How was itI have never been so happy!
How many times did you do it49
Memorable QuoteHowwwwwwwwwoooool
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Harry Potter Meme of All Memes by Osaku
WandEbony, 11", Dragon Heartstring
Best CourseSpell Theory
Worst CourseDefense Against the Dark Arts
PetManx cat
Quidditch JobChaser
Wizard CandyCockroach Cluster
Profession After SchoolHogwarts Professor
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Who's avoiding writing? Me? Certainly not....
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