Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

okay, fluffymaru tagged me, so here goes, I guess...

Post 10 Weird and Random facts about yourself, then at the end of the list the names of 5 people who are next in line to do this.

I don't promise that you don't already know these about me, but...

1. I love sleeping. Like, seriously, love it. And don't get nearly enough of it, which makes me grumpy and angry, and the last few nights I totally blame spidez for keeping me UP 'TIL ALL HOURS, YOU H0R. Ahem. Yes. But sleep = my best friend.

2. I used to be really depressed a lot, as a few people still on my friends list could tell you. It was pretty bad, actually, and I was in therapy briefly [didn't help, for the record]. I'm not anymore, got over it mostly... but I still have days, which I think a lot of people don't realize because they don't happen very often anymore, and when they do I tend to just not be around.

3. I like collecting things. I just get really into it. I collect books, first and foremost. [No, really. That's why I have three copies of Guilty Pleasures and two of Killing Dance and multiples of a lot of my books, really.] But I also collect trading cards and other things... I used to collect Star Wars figures [I have a TON] and LotR figures [I sold most of those off] but I don't anymore.

4. I like playing games. Board games, card games, whatever sort. I enjoy it a lot, actually, and don't do it often enough.

5. I used to work at Disney World, in the Magic Kingdom... in Fantasyland. It blew.

6. I say I don't care whether or not I get married, and that's true... but I do hope I meet someone to spend my life with. I'm not in any rush, though. :)

7. I used to think fanfiction was stupid. THAT'S RIGHT. GO AHEAD AND MOCK ME.

8. I'm a packrat, and somewhat of a slob. I keep so much stuff, even when I don't really have the room for it... I just don't like getting rid of things, because you never know when they'll be important to you. My stepmom wanted me to throw out a bunch of old letters at one point... and I refused. And now, I wouldn't get rid of Bethany's letters for all the money in the world... they're precious to me. If I'd thrown them out, I would hate myself for it.

9. I'm really a huge bitch, and I think the only reason most people are friends with me is because they are, too. But some of my friends, who are just, like, nice people in general? I don't know how they put up with me. heh.


..haha, right.


GO! woo.
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