Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

...okay, wow. Updating from the actual lj page and not through Semagic is just... weird. I don't like it. heh.


FINALS ARE OVER FOR MEEEE. ::does the dance of HELL YEAH and YAY!::

However, I am exhausted. I was up until four in the fucking morning this morning, finishing [or, uh, starting and finishing, haha] a paper for my Humanities class. Which, thanks to the time-table, probably sucks, but I adamantly refused to reread it today, because that would just have depressed me, so it's turned in and I suppose we'll just see how that goes.

[I could go into a long rant here about how I blame DoC for how long it took me to finish my paper, but I suppose that's obvious so I won't.]

I go into work today at 5, though, and I'm there until 11... and then Narnia at midnight. It's a damn good thing I don't have work or school tomorrow, because I am going to be dead. And Narnia bettwe be an excellent movie, or I may just fall asleep during it. haha. ha. yeah.

In more vague news, isn't it strange how things happen or hit you when you don't expect them to?
Yeah. [simplykatie, I need to talk to you. To fluffymaru, too, but I can do that tonight maybe? Whatever.]

Anyway. I think I'll go nap for an hour before work.
Tags: college, friends: nicole, np, randy

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