Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

Friends cut, what what. Mostly unrelated to drama, since I was planning on doing it anyway [and there were cuts of people that had nothing to do with drama, so there dramah0rs.]

No offense meant to anyone whose off, just trying to make my reading more manageable, and now maybe I'll actually read every entry on my friends page. [Ha!]

If you feel you were taken off in error [which is possible, I'm a dumbass and I like ticky boxes] just drop a comment here. OR, if you were removed but don't want to be, just let me know, I probably won't have a problem adding you back, but... well, honestly, I dropped people whose entries I rarely or never read, so woo.

That said, anyone wants to drop me? Feel free, and I won't be a pissy dramah0r about it, swear. :)

All THAT said... another entry to come soon.

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