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MEGACON 2006: Con Report

So I'm in the middle of checking my friends list [SO MUCH to catch up on...] and figured I'd take a break by at least starting my con report, and hopefully it'll actually get done sometime today. :D


Okay, so... Friday I didn't get out of bed until around noon [laaazy] and Casey and I hit the con. The line was pretty small, so I got through it quickly and got my badge. We hit the dealers room first thing, of course, and made a beeline to this booth that Nicole had called to tell Casey about... oh. my. god. SO MUCH stuff that I wanted! Seriously, that one booth ALONE made me curse being poor. WTF. But I bought the Ayano Yamane artbook, partly because I was in complete SHOCK that they even had it, and partly because her art is just way too gorgeous to pass up. I also bought the Red River artbook, which I didn't even know existed until Nicole told me she had found it. *_* Seriously, best. buys. EVER.

We had lunch with Nicole while she was on her break, and then we did a full dealers room run -- I also bought Red River vol. 11 [seriously, could I love this manga more? It would be difficult, even if this volume DID touch on one of my phobias, but WHATEVS] and a Tenipuri doujin that's very pretty. :D Of course, after buying it, we discovered the people selling doujin for buy 1 get 1, but oh well.

So, the dealers room run took us about three hours [seriously... so... big...] and then we just sort of hung out and.. I don't remember? Until Nicole got off from the booth... the plan was for us to change into Loveless cosplay for the evening, but we ended up going out to TooJay's with friends instead, and Loveless didn't happen. Which kind of sucks, since I love wearing Seimei for some reason [I apparently have a thing for sexy creeps] but I'm glad we went and hung out with people, so it's all good. :)


Woke up fuck ass early. heh. I slept SO BADLY, and woke up even earlier than planned, actually... and then Lilly was late picking me up. Heh. But things went sort of blah while handing out JACON bracelets and fliers... we got shut down pretty fast. D: Oh well.

TENIPURI COSPLAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! omg, I loved walked around as Fuji. Seriously. LOVED. Oh, my pretty crack anime and how it makes me so freakin' HAPPY. I was giving people in the dealers room CHINK! death glares all day. SO AMUSING. And we got this amazing picture of Casey in his uniform. so. fucking. funny. But the costume is so comfortable, and the wig I was wearing didn't give me a headache like so many wigs seem to, and it was all good!

I'm trying to think of what else we did while in Tenipuri cosplay... um. Blank!

But we changed into X for the evening! :D Well, Nicole and I did... Casey put on Rand. We hung out around the con for a bit, and walked into Cyberia for all of like... a minute. Tops. We played some Yugioh, though [ahaha, Subaru and Seishirou dueling... ::dies::] After dealing with a SUPER ANNOYING KNOW-IT-ALL we left to take pictures... and poor Casey, because we seriously took pictures for like... two hours. It was AWESOME, but not for him, I'm sure. Oh well, though, because we got some awesome ones, I think. XD

But yes, I LOVED wearing Subaru, and I'm glad I bought him from Amber.... YAAAAY. :D Oh man I love that character so much it's ridiculous. heh.


Woke up for hotel check-out and decided that I really, really did not feel like putting on Mika. So I didn't. We got everything packed up and loaded and headed off for the last day of the con. Discovered that Nicole hadn't put on Raph, either, so that made me feel better about not wearing Mika... heh. We did a last, short run of the dealers room for ourselves, and then had lunch with Nicole while she was on break, and did another run of the dealers room after that for Yaoi PJ Party stuff. [which, let me interrupt this con report to say that I am SO EXCITED for the Yaoi PJ Party this year. Seriously.] We also decided to skip out on the concert.. meh. ::shrugs:: I don't regret that.

Umm. It was mostly just a bunch of sitting around and dueling after that. so, woo!

And this ends the con report, I suppose. Seems a little boring... I actually had a good time overall, though, so woo!

A couple other things:

1. lenabee, I swear, you update more than anyone else I know. WTF! haha, I <3 you anyway, though.
2. I love it when barbed_whispers sends me random texts about BJT.
3. I do not love it so much when barbed_whispers and simplykatie spam my lj crazily. I still haven't read all of it, but it seems to be a lot of bitching at me to beta Lisa's fic. Um. Oops?
4. I LOVE DOC! I missed you all so much, but THANK YOU for all the texts/voicemails. :D
5. There's a selection of Megacon pics to be found here! And possibly more Subaru/Seishirou pictures to be found soon-ish, but we'll see.

I'm going to go ahead and link some of my favorite pics here:

My Dublin shirt, for all the DoCers out there. XD


Creepy!Happy!Fuji. heh.

haha, I'm fucking insane. X The Musical!

This doesn't just look like pain, it WAS pain. a lot of it. OUCH. heh. But it looks cool!

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