April 3rd, 2004

[HP] I have sex with commas


Either this is as amusing as I think it is, or I really need to get my ass to bed:

Me [1:48 AM]: I'm a curse
Lisa [1:48 AM]: which one?
Me [1:48 AM]: all of them, of course.
Me [1:48 AM]: I'm damn powerful like that.
Lisa [1:48 AM]: can i be avada kedavra?
Me [1:49 AM]: no. you'll kill me.
Lisa [1:49 AM]: no i won't!
Me [1:49 AM]: promise?
Lisa [1:49 AM]: you can be harry!
Lisa [1:49 AM]: promiseeeeee
Me [1:49 AM]: ewww!
Lisa [1:49 AM]: hee
Me [1:49 AM]: I hate you!
Me [1:49 AM]: no!
Lisa [1:49 AM]: i won't cause you're me!
Me [1:49 AM]: Then you're Harry, too, wench.
Lisa [1:49 AM]: ew
Lisa [1:49 AM]: this was a bad plan
Me [1:49 AM]: hee