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June 18th, 2004

Jun. 18th, 2004

You know, really, I think I may be slightly obsessed.

Pictures from Serenity [nothing major.]

If anyone wants to do something today, IM me or call me, yeah?
stole this from venus_blue [what else is new?]

There is a huge chunk of you that I don't even have a clue about your first name. I don't know how old a lot of you are, or where you live, or basic normal things.

This is the problem with LJ, we all think we are so close, and we know nothing about each other.

So, I'm going to rectify it.

I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. I promise, I will not make fun of you, or say who asked what.

I then invite you to do the same. Remember, seriously basic stupid questions, don't be embarrassed, you would be really shocked what I don't know about you.

Go ahead. Ask. :)
I know I'm spamming today, but really, I don't care.

jhglkbfdvgu. I am on a manga reading kick today, man. I want more of Kaikan [that is spelled right, isn't it?] now. I got the last copy of #2 in Borders ... they didn't have any at all in Waldenbooks [and what is up with that? Waldenbooks just sucks lately] I would have died. Or possibly cried. Anyway, I got it, but now I want #3 like whoa. That just isn't cool...
And no, I still don't have Alice 19th 5. That hurts less now that I've actually read it, though..

Also read Juvenile Orion 3 and Saiyuki 3 ... I think The Demon Ororon will be next, but I also bought some of X today.. I think manga is killing my brain. Heh. I might have to take a break and watch TV instead. [God, I am so damn lazy today.]

I have so much stuff I need to be doing or should be doing or whatever [and I think my mom is mad at me.] I don't feel like dealing with any of it ... that's bad right? But whatever.

I think I'll watch some more of Babylon 5 now. Need to get those back to Nicole and Casey.

[I feel so giggly.]


I LOVE barbed_whispers <--------------------------------THIS MUCH!-------------------------------->
[that's a lot!]

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