August 20th, 2004

[HP] I have sex with commas

yeah, this pretty much sums it up.

bruisexpristine was bitching about me linking her to things and not telling her what they are.
I found my response amusing and, because I am so damn egotistical [haha] decided to post it. Mostly because I have nothing better to do:

And by the way? when I link and it's fic, as it almost ALWAYS is, I can pretty much guarantee it'll be either H/D or R/S, because any other pairing will have me going "EWWWW CAR WRECK!" or "Wow, this is good and I didn't expect it to be" or "This is Draco/Sirius. I didn't read it. Here you go."

Other than that... Collateral was good, my dad is an ass, my stepmom is the rudest person ever, I still love my mom at least, and I have my car back, yay!

And I'm glad I didn't post this yet, because now I must add:

Karen [1:08 AM]: Ashley. If I were in a room with you and a werewolf, and I had a gun with two silver bullets.
Karen [1:08 AM]: I would shoot you.
Karen [1:08 AM]: Twice.

This is how much my friends love hate me. Isn't life grand?
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[HP] I have sex with commas


Brown sooo isn't my favorite color, but... Rocky Horror! yay! [I kept getting shit like Big Fish, which I've never seen. Bastards.]

Which movie? by travel_crazy
Favourite colour
You belong in
And your co-star should bearasoi
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[HP] I have sex with commas

(no subject)

Not only has shoebox_project taken over my friendslist, it's taken over my friendsfriendslist, too! Everyone on livejournal is insane. It's the only explanation.
[And why did no one tell me that shoebox_icons existed? Shame on you *all*!]
Not that it seems to matter. I have the space for 50 icons and have found that I'm actually much to picky to *fill* those 50 spaces.
Also, I'm waiting [rather impatiently] for barbed_whispers to finish her Lucivar icons, because he's sexy, dammit. mmmm, Lucivar. mmmm, Daemon. mmmm, Lucivar/Daemon...
I reread that scene last night. The one in the third book. Anyone who's read it should know which one I'm talking about. Really close to the end? Yeah. Very emotional. Almost cried *again* and not only have I read it a million times, I didn't even read all three books first, or even *that* book first. What. The. Hell.
And I can't describe which scene in more detail because there are people reading this who I want to read the books. :)

And to end this ... I just added a new community to my friends list. No, not shoebox_icons, losers. hd_notes. I am a sad, sad fangirl.
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[HP] I have sex with commas

spam! amusing spam!

Karen: It's just going to be me in Hopewell. That's when they all admit that they're pod people and try to eat me!

Karen: I don't have any nieces or nephews. And I never will, because my brother is ugly and kind of evil.

Karen: I want my androgynous boys to be androgynous! And I want them to be boys!
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