October 13th, 2004

[HP] I have sex with commas

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I wrote a Daemon/Lucivar fanfic [pre-BJT] that I actually really, really like, but I wrote it out on paper and I've been so lazy and not typed it up. I'll get around to it eventually.

Fanfiction is a black hole for my brain, dude. I've been reading a crazy amount of it lately... what is it about the Harry Potter fandom that is so fucking addicting? Even Buffy never addicted me like this. But my friends list is growing like crazy with all the fanfic/fanart comms... and also the individual people, because they do such pretty stuff. Mmm.

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If anyone has any really good comms or people on their friends list that they think I would like, let me know, mmkay?

Which just reminds me that I have SO MUCH I want to add to my fic rec list, and I think I'll just start a new one or something, because damn. Or do it by categories. Or say, fuck it, and just post the fics individually as I decide I like them. Heh. Whatever, that's what I get for trying to be organized. Never works out.

Found my keys! Finally. So happy about that.. I won't have to bang on the hall door to get in anymore. >.< Because that sucked. Seriously.

There are some communities that I really wonder why I still read them. anita_blake_fan is one of them. It's like a car wreck. Or something. Raar.

Okay. I'm hungry and want to go get food, so I should end this, but one last rec before I go: Alone in Some Queer Sunless Place by pigeongirl99. I didn't like it at first... but by the end, I really really did. So go read.

Done now.
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