December 9th, 2004

[HP] I have sex with commas


I surprised myself today by actually working on Boxing Clever!

"Working on" is an understatement. I made the new layout, coded the new layout, coded all of the fanfiction, updated the links and credit pages, and coded the Daemon/Lucivar essay for the "Other" page. Took me a good two hours, and thank God I didn't have to code the icons as well.
Although, I do have more icons that need to go up, but I think I've done enough work on it for tonight. :P

So please go check it out? Please? Heh. A couple of the fanfictions will be new to some people, since they were only available in custom-friends locked posts... ::shrugs::

Boxing Clever!

::proud of me::

Next website project: fluffymaru's. I swear, that will get done. Really.
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[HP] I have sex with commas

I'm spammy today...

Deicide Dropped from Pullman Adaptation.


I'm trying not to make any snap judgements. I found out about the movie and this both today, and...

No. Snap. Judgements.


It's just... how?! How can you take the religion out of His Dark Materials?! How?!

And, okay, it says that they're just...but...

I don't know. Hopefully I'll like it, that's all. ::crosses fingers::