April 19th, 2005

[HP] I have sex with commas


So I guess I should do a con report.

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So that's it in the world of JACON-related stuff. I have other things to talk about, but not right now... maybe tomorrow.
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[HP] I have sex with commas

American Idol...

Yeah, okay, Constantine in eyeliner? That was hot. I'm sorry, but it totally was.
Didn't like Carrie's performance tonight. Just didn't.
I skipped through Scott's. [I'm horrible, I know, I don't care.]
Skipped through Anthony's, too, actually... heh.
Liked Vonzell a lot this week.
Was a little bored by Anwar...
and loved Bo, as per usual.



In other, slightly more exciting news... I officially no longer work at the hellhole of a store. YAY! And I have another, much better [well, I assume so, anyway] job in the works... it's not a for sure thing yet, but I have a good feeling. I'm going in on Thursday, I think, to really see about that...

Might do some shopping tomorrow. I have a really big urge to sew right now. hmm.
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