July 2nd, 2005

[HP] I have sex with commas

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A few things:

1. Why have I never read Underwater Light before? I've known about this damn fic for ages, and I always ignored it. A heartfelt THANK YOU to sky_was_green, who finally convinced me to read it. 20 [long] chapters, and it's unfinished, but goddamn if it isn't an awesome H/D fic. It was written before OotP was released, and it's amusing as hell, although not exactly happy. And! Why the hell did it have to end where it did when I don't think it's ever going to updated again?! ::despair::

2. Seeing as how I was clearly wrong about this fic, if anyone else wants to point me to some "fandom staples" they think are worth my time, I'd be much obliged. ::considers:: Although, I still don't think I have any interest whatsoever in Cassie Claire, no matter how much I enjoyed the Very Secret Diaries. But who knows? Anything is possible.

3. I am so fucking exhausted and still not entirely over being ill, so I think I'm going to go and collapse, thanks much.

[4. -- why the hell did I delete my H/D icon? dammit!]

ETA: 5. But now I check, Underwater Light was last updated in April this year, and appears to have undergone long hiatuses before now -- perhaps there is still hope? ::will cling to that::
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