September 19th, 2005

[HP] I have sex with commas

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I had to upload a new Dawn icon, because there's so much Dawn hatred, man. :(
barbed_whispers! I need you over on snertslayers to help offset some of the Dawn hatred. :( It's truly a sad thing.

The real point to this entry is that I'm avoiding schoolwork. ::sigh::
Well, school work and fic writing, which is kicking my ass...

I'm going to start playing FFVII, though. :o Weee. [Well, technically I started already, but I barely played it before quitting. I'll go back to it tonight, though.]

Downloading the Ancient Egyptian arc from IRC is so slow, it's ridiculous. The queue lines are pretty short now, but there's only one person in the channel who has the arc subbed, and he's slooooow. It's transferring at 3.03 KB/Second right now, and that's unusually fast for him. Things usually transfer much, much, MUCH higher. ;_; I just wish someone else in the room had them... argh!

Yeah, okay, I'm done.
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