October 25th, 2005

[HP] I have sex with commas

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Semagic keeps telling me that I need to change my lj password when I log in. Bastards. I'd like to see you guys try and guess my password. Good fucking luck. :P [If anyone actually does, I will feel like a major idiot, and I will promptly change it. kthxbye.]

So I felt like I should update because I haven't in a while. JACO Halloween was pretty fun, I guess... certain things pissed me off while I was there, but whatever. People are assholes. And celtfaery and I had a pretty good talk, so that was cool. :)

The Turk photoshoot was cool, though. Even if certain things did seem pretty set against it... but I like the pictures we got, and we had a good time, so yay! Pictures will be up eventually... heh. I like how I look in them, so it's a good thing.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary was a lot of fun. Even if it was raining the whole time. heh. And even if I was wearing Jou again. >.> Oh well.
But I got to ride Peter Pan! Finally! Yaaaaaaaaay! I know it's dorky as hell, but I love that ride, it was my favorite when I was little, and yeah.
I still hate It's a Small World, though. I always have, and I always will. It's creepy and boring and... really really creepy. Not quite as creepy as it used to be, but still creepy. Ugh.

Okay. You all know this meme by now, I think. fluffymaru asked me five questions, and I've answered them under this cut. If you want me to ask you five questions, say so in a comment and I will. And maybe they'll even be interesting, but that's asking a lot, so we'll see.

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And Happy Birthday to Seto Kaiba. :)