March 13th, 2006

[HP] I have sex with commas

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I get to meet takarakanashi tomorrow! XD I'm very excited. And we even managed to make some concrete plans! How weird is that?!

Random love goes out to soleil_luna for her entertaining away messages.

Meh. I felt like I should make an actual update, but I opened this and blah.

For the record? City Walk SUCKS ASS and Pleasure Island wins. Not that this is any surprise, but I figured I'd say it just so we're all clear.
[HP] I have sex with commas


Dear Buffy Fandom,

I am ashamed of you. I mean, really ashamed. Look at my icon. Look at that man. Is he not sexy? Is he not one of the best characters on the show? If you're a slasher, does he not have HOT HOT sex with both Ethan and Oz? If you're a, does he not have HOT HOT sex with both Jenny and Buffy? If you prefer your BtVS in the way of Gen, does he not have some of the best lines on the show? Is he not smart? Is he not sexy? Is he not a fucking badass when he wants to be?

People. Giles is love! LOVE GILES.

MAKE MORE ICONS OF GILES. Because I want some Giles icons, and good ones seem not to exist! FAILURE, BUFFY FANDOM, FAILURE.

No love,