August 5th, 2006

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So I decided to do this meme since pretty much everyone on my flist has done it...

Social Life at Hogwarts

Lots of people like you, very few don't. You are nice, understanding, and don't judge people until you know them. You treat everyone fairly and make friends with practically everyone. You are very smart and cunning. You love to laugh. You have many admirers, but don't take notice.

Harry: He is in love with you, but doesn't know what to do. He's not sure if he should ask you out. He gets jealous very easily and doesn't understand how you can be nice to the Slytherins, specifically Malfoy. He wants to be the man of your dreams and hopes that you like him more than a friend.

Ron: Loves you as a friend and nothing more. He thanks you profusely for getting him and Hermione together and like Harry, he doesn't understand how you can be so nice to everyone.

Hermione: She thinks of you as her best gal pal and thanks you for getting her and Ron together. She's glad that you take your studies seriously and thinks you are great. She knows you treat people equally and respects your decisions.

Ginny: She doesn't like you because Harry loves you. She thinks you are great, but is really jealous of you. You two have grown distant, but you have hardly noticed with all the friends you have. Maybe one day you two will be friends again?

Neville: Has a little crush on you because you are the one who helps him with his schoolwork.

Fred and George: They think you are the best person in the world. You always come up with great pranks and laugh at their jokes. They love you and hope that you will always be there for a good prank.

Oliver Wood: Had a crush on you, but the age difference didn't work out right. He knows that you only love him as a friend and accepts it. He still has a crush on you, but has moved on. And that's okay with you.

Cedric Diggory: He thinks you're a good person who cares about everyone. You were the one who introduced him to Cho. He's glad you did and left this world with you as one of him close friends.Cho Chang: She is your actual bestfriend and thanks you for getting her and Cedric together. You are always there for her when she's crying about missing Cedric, and she appreciates it. You two are like sisters and she's grateful that you're her friend.

Lavender Brown: Thinks you are really nice, but doesn't like you because everyone likes you.

Draco Malfoy: He is also in love with you, like Potter. Him and Harry often fight for your affections. Is easily jealous, like Harry, and cares about you very much. He hopes that in the end you and him will be together. You are the only girl he loves and hopes you feel the same. He constantly worries about your safety and would give up everything for you.

Pansy: Hates you. Enough said.

Crabbe and Goyle: Have little crushes on you, but know that Draco would pummel them.

Dumbledore: Thinks you are a great person. Wishes you luck on choosing between Harry and Draco. He knows that you'll be a very good skilled witch in the future.

McGonagall: Also thinks you are a great student who has amazing skills, but worries that it might be very stressful to be as hardworking as you.

Hagrid: You are his favorite girl student because you didn't give up his class and always help him with the creatures. The creatures in the forbidden forest love you too. Odd huh?

Snape: He thinks you are an excellent student, doesn't like or dislike you. He knows you'd end up being a great witch.

Voldemort: Wants you to join him and hopes that you will end up with Malfoy. If you pick Harry, he plans to kill you instead of recruiting you.

Reputation: Girl who likes Draco and Harry.
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and wtf, I'm a mary-sue or something. ::facepalm::
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Work... was so incredibly busy tonight. I haven't been that busy at TSC since the Christmas season last year. o.O

I got to do ad set-up with Rosanne, though, which was pretty fun, actually. haha, as strange as that sounds, but I did.

...I thought I wanted to talk more about my night at work tonight, but now that I have this open, I really kind of don't. So I guess that's it, then.
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