September 22nd, 2006

[HP] I have sex with commas

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I have a new baby. With a huge harddrive. :D :D :D

omg, I can't wait for it to arriiiiiveeeeeeee. ::flails around::

Also. I almost fell asleep on the way home! No fun. So much ♥ to simplykatie, who kept me from dying at the wheel tonight. haha, you think I'm kidding, but I'm actually probably sadly serious. -_-

aaaaand I'm going to go pass out now. Woo!
[HP] I have sex with commas

(no subject)


I am really SUPER FREAKIN' HYPER, and there is not a lot of people online, and so I am going to MAKE AN ENTRY, because you know, I am amazingly cool like that.

SO. Since I am bored, I think I should do a meme-type-thing. Reply here and tell me a story! Real, completely made up, funny or serious... I care not.


Why, yes, this is a meme completely meant to entertain me, but HEY! It could be fun!