June 17th, 2008

[misc] btw I love you

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So, the Melissa Etheridge concert was really good. She sounds really amazing live, oh my god. :D :D :D

Her newest album I'm not as crazy about as her older stuff, but she played a lot of old songs, which made me REALLY happy. I've been looking for a set list from last night, and I'll post one up when I find one that looks right... but hearing Ain't It Heavy, 2001, and I'm The Only One live? That was just like... yeah, I can't even really explain why, but I love those three songs. 2001 isn't even one of my favorites anymore, but I just... I dunno. Memories. It was awesome.

I did a really mean thing last night right before the concert, though. I had an extra ticket, so I called my mom all "So... I have this ticket... to this concert you probably really want to see... I won't even charge you for it!" She didn't find it amusing at all, seeing as how she's in Ohio and I've been rubbing her face in this concert as it was. >.> Whoops? But whatever, she's seen Melissa before, and I never had, so pffft.

Setlist... thanks to sleepysaj for the link. :)
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