May 25th, 2009

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hello again

So, I got nudged to post. Again.

I can't help it that I haven't been posting lately, I have nothing to post abouuut. I'm still working, and my job does not change, ever. I'm still playing a lot of WoW, whichhhh pretty much no one else on my flist plays (with the exception of one or two :P )

[info] - personalimthelobster and I are still looking for a new place. Bah. I keep getting tripped up -- like, last week we were supposed to go out and spend the morning driving around and checking out some places, and I ended up blowing a tire on the 408 (fucking again) and so had to spend the day getting that fixed instead. It's frustrating. I keep telling myself we have time, and it's true, we do... for now. Would rather not end up having to rush the whole thing, though.

Have I mentioned that change scares me? :/ I like change, and I think it's healthy and blah blah whatever, but actually going through change is still scary. Moving into this house wasn't, because it was kind of a wimp move on my part, since it's a house I'm used to and all that. But moving out of it, and not having the crutch of renting from my mother, is scary. Which is strange anyway, cause it's not like I wasn't doing that before. I don't know. I get too comfortable, or something.

Wow, that was a tangent. Not really sure where that came from. o.O

HOKAY ANYWAY, now I've posted. So there. :P