November 26th, 2014

[HDM] Jordan College

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I need to register for next semester at school, and I'm waffling on what classes to take next. (Really, I needed to register at least a week ago, but whatever.) I need another science credit, and I'm trying to decide between these three possibilities:

Introduction to study of atmospheric phenomena. Includes study of atmospheric structure, heat budget, winds, air pollution, and local and regional weather forecasting.

General, non-laboratory course designed to introduce students to various biological aspects of human sexuality, including sexual genetics and sex determination, sexual anatomy, physiology and development, processes of fertilization, pregnancy, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, menstruation, menopause, and aging. Other appropriate areas may be discussed when time permits. Students should be able to complete college level reading, writing, and mathematics assignments as part of this course.

Prerequisites: High school algebra. An introduction to classical physics, including a study of motion, fundamental forces, energy and momentum, heat and thermodynamics, waves, electricity and magnetism, optics, and elements of atomic and nuclear physics. This course fulfills the general education science core course requirements.

Meteorology seems like a semi-decent transition from the Astronomy course I took this semester. Biology of Human Sexuality sounds super intriguing, but also like it could piss me off a lot depending on the professor. Conceptual Physics seems like it could be interesting, too, since I've never taken a physics course, not even in high school.

Poll #1990331 Help me choose!

Which course should I take?

Intro to Meteorology
Biology of Human Sexuality
Conceptual Physics

I haven't looked up class times and such, which will make a difference too, but we'll see.

I have a lot of other classes I still need to take, but I'm limiting myself to two in a semester, and I don't really want to break up my math much, so my second course is likely going to be Calculus for Business & Social Science next semester. SO THAT SHOULD BE FUN.

I still have to take US Gov't, too, and a speech course, so I'm putting those two off as long as possible, because I am dreading them both :/