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I MET takarakanashi YESTERDAY!!! XDXDXD We had SUCH a blast.

So we met up at the Pin Trader in the Village, and then went to eat... where it was discovered that Slam likes Disney so much she was hugging tables:

XD haha. We had some awesome conversation, and then her roommate called and decided to join us...

She looked like a bit of a ditz walking up and I was like oookay, but she turned out to be this super awesome girl. XD So that rocked. So then all of us were having fun juct chillin' when Slam said... um, something I don't remember and I was like "yeah well I'm going to call Smarch!" and then she was all "not if I call her first!" so she did. XD And she put Smarch on speaker phone, even though it was really hard to hear her...

So we finally left after sitting and talking in that booth for TWO HOURS and walked around and took touristy pictures. XD

And then... Jenn decided to see how many people she could attract. XD

She drew a bit of a crowd, too! hahaha. We continued walking, and I had to take a quick picture as a shoutout to everyone in drunkoncheese:

And, ladies and gentlemen, we all know Jenn can blow...

We had some more fun random pictures, and then we watched the guy in the magic shop, who was totally into it and fun. He was awesome. :)

We wandered into Virgin, because you can't be at Downtown Disney without going to Virgin, and immediately see not only Goblet of Fire on the screen, but also a Spanish copy of HP... which I shall show here just for spidez!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, may I present... Smash the Grouch!

So then we moved on to the Magnet store, where we played with the... jelly... things...

...and Slam found a new guitar!

So after this shirt and Jenn made us laugh a bit more... was time for Pleasure Island!

We met up with Slam's friend Adam [Or CRADAM] which was fun times! Of course Jenn immediately found two guys to hit on her and buy all her drinks for her, which was pretty amusing, and led to it being pretty much me, Slam and Adam for the evening, which was fun. :)

[I LOVE that picture of the four of us...]

We went to the Comedy Warehouse first, which I'd never been to before. It made me laugh a lot. :)
-"What's something you get at Walgreens?"
-"May I suggest CVS!"

Slam got herself a Poison Apple there, as well. :D

Next up was the Adventurers Club, always a good time, and that's where we actually lost Jenn. We went into Motion after seeing the show there, but no Jenn. Oh well we had an excellent time. XD

We went into Mannequins after that, another club I'd never been in. Crazy revolving dance floor! People dressed up as disco balls! It was pretty fun. We just danced and had a good time. And we definitely took a minute to "dance like tourists" which must have looked SO ridiculous. XD hahaha

We left PI after that and found a bench where we just chilled for a while...

Until Adam went home to sleep... Slamber and I continued on to Steak and Shake, where we sat for a good two hours talking and whatnot. XD

Okay, so not super detailed, but needless to say we had a BLAST and I can't wait to hang out with her again!
AND ZOMG soleil_luna THE THREE OF US NEED TO HANG OUT! That would be so awesome.

More [LOTS more] pics to be found here! WOO.
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