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Some rough transcriptions from the phone today:

Phone: ::ring::
Me: ::picks up, sees who's calling:: What?!
Lisa: Did I wake you up or something?
Me: Yes. What?
Lisa: My councelor said I should be glad to have a friend like you, so I figured I'd call you.
Me: Right, because I answer the phone all "WHAT?!"
Lisa: hahaha
Me: I'm going back to bed. ::hangs up::

::about thirty seconds later::

Me: ::picks up phone and calls Lisa::
Lisa: What do you want?
Me: Wait, why should you be glad to have a friend like me?
Lisa: hahaha, because I told her I could call you in the middle of the night if I felt like killing myself.
Me: Oh. Don't kill yourself.
Lisa: I'll try not to.
Me: Yeah, I would be sad.
Lisa: I have to go now. ::hangs up::
Tags: amusing, crazies, randy

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