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woot woot and all that... yeah whatever.
I'll start with Wednesday, since that was my last day seeing my house...

ETA: So this is really fucking long. I'm adding a cut tag now.


- Had the shittiest day at work ever. I cried 3 times. Bah. Partly because of work, partly because I was stressing the fuck out over the con. Yeah not so much fun.
- Got to Nicole's after work, and... worked on JACON stuff. I think I finished the Photoshoot on Wednesday, not Thursday. Bah, whatever.
- Actually, I crashed pretty early because I was fucking exhausted. Felt bad about it, but like I was on Nicole's couch and I couldn't... move...


- More work on JACON, zomg.
- Decorated Nicole's car with that window chalk stuff -- wrote "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" all over it and stuff. Quite fun!
- Did have to make a run out to Amanda's house and mine for stuff that had been left behind. o.O
- Kinkos. Oh god, Kinkos. It took us FOREVER in Kinkos, printing out the caption contest sheets for the PJ Party and stuff which was... interesting... as I didn't actually want anyone to see those sheets. O.o Also, I got like... the only Kinkos worker EVER who was a guy and knew what yaoi is. He teased me endlessly. I was probably a fucking tomato. THANKS FOR MAKING ME GO UP TO PAY NICOLE, GEEZ.
- Got to the hotel late, which... whatever. Amanda took off for the Animusical practice immediately, and I met Nicole down in Ops and got my packet and shirt and all that good stuff. Unloaded the most important stuff out of the cars.
- Wal*Mart trip from HELL. Got back to the hotel after making a run to Wal*Mart for Nicole and hated life.
- Went up to the hotel room and relaxed for a while until Casey and I made a trip to the cars and dragged yet more stuff up to the room, after which proceeded the Bag Stuffing Extravaganza. Took for fucking ever and is so goddamn monotonous, but it got done!
- Also, hung Nicole's birthday banner in the room, yay. When they got back from the Animusical rehersal it was like, what, 3am or something? So she opened up some gifts, wee. Went down with her and pulled yet MORE stuff out of the cars, and then after a sewing machine crisis we decided to just crash.


- First day of the con, zomg. We woke up semi-early to work on stuff. I was doing the sign boards for the PJ Party as Nicole did last minute Zoicite work. Ran down to Ops to fix my shirt since I got the wrong size...
- PHOTOSHOOT CONTEST. There were... not many people there. Only the people who entered really, which was kind of disappointing, but oh well. Some of my slides were messed up, too. ::cries:: But I mean, I guess it was okay. Just kind of flew by, we ended it pretty quickly...
- ... which meant we actually had time for a Dealers Room run, gasp. Bought Red vs. Blue season 4, YAY! I was very, very excited to see that that was out, and YAY. :D :D :D :D So I'll have to watch that, soon... Also picked up Death Note 5 from the Waldenbooks booth, and spotted a couple things I knew I would want to get later when I had a chance to go to the ATM.
- Went out to Olive Garden for dinner, which was nice. woooo.
- Animusical! It was quite cool. I didn't like it any better or worse than last year, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. So, yay, it was cool. :D
- After that was over we headed over the Village Inn for dessert, which was actually quite good. Mmm, pie.
- Started preparing for the Host Club. Got the lanterns strung up and all after some fighting with the damn hooks, but I think the room looked pretty good when we were done. The Host Club itself went really well, I think, and I know I had fun there. Got some pretty awesome photos, and also some also video of the guys 'table dancing' hahaha. Unfortunately, my memory card ran out before the crab dancing started, woe. Still, it was pretty awesome.


- o.o The day of not stopping...ever... Okay let's see. Got down to the room for registering people for the Costume Cabaret, got set up at the table and the judges arrived, got started mostly on time, woo. Sat at the table with Sam for a while, and then after there was no line left for registering, Amanda and I went out to Subway to buy subs for ourselves and the judges and whatnot.
- Woo. After eating Subway [and dealing with the horrible fucking line there, but anyway] Amanda and I went up to the room to change into Reno and Elena... man... we make some fucking hot Turks, I tell you what.
- Got back down to the room and sat in on prejudging while Nicole went up to change into Rufus... and way too late I realized that we needed a new fucking sheet for the Red vs. Blue guys to read names off of. THAT WAS NOT FUN. So I sat in the damn room and wrote out that sheet while everyone else went to Main Events, finally finished it and ran my ass over to Main Events.... where thank god they were still loading, so I hadn't held up the works any.
- The opening to the Costume Cabaret was awesome (YAY Jason for that AMV!) and I think the Turk thing went over pretty well (haha, or AWESOMELY, whatever). And the Turks dragging Troy off stage? AWESOME. Even more awesome was us chasing the BAD COSPLAY off stage though, I think. And then my CRAZY DANCE with Riku, ahahaha. Yeah, the Cabaret was pretty awesome. (okay, having to run BACK TO THE ROOM AGAIN because we LEFT THE LIST OF WINNERS wasn't so awesome, but we'll just ignore that little snafu.)
- Went straight from the Cabaret (which ran over... ooops...) into the PJ Party. Didn't even get to change out of Elena and into Seimei, woe. Which... I mean, I guess is okay, since Elena's hot, but still, wearing a girl to the Yaoi PJ Party was a little stange. Oh well. Finally got everything set up, and we started about 30 minutes late... sat behind the raffle table, which I think went pretty well. So, yay.
- I think the highlight of the PJ Party was the AMAZING COLORING/DRAWING that Jess and I did together, ahaha. VAMPIRE/ELF/SCARRED/CAT-BOY...BUT NOT A MARY SUE BECAUSE HE HAS BROWN HAIR!!!! ahahahaha. Yeah that was pretty great. (And also us bringing the yuri into the yaoi party, but moving on!)
- Yeah, so I got kind of pissy towards the end (sorry, Nicole, I still <3 you) and I was pretty glad when it was over. I ran over to 211 to grab my bag that I had left behind, and then we loaded stuff from the party into the cars, and went up to the hotel room to crash. EVENTS = OVER!!!!


- Had to wake up early despite having no events, because of hotel check out. D: Sad times. Got everything packed up and into the cars not too late, though, so that was good. Hung out in Ops for a while and heard about other things going on in the con.
- Went out for lunch in the Village Inn, which was surprisingly good. Also, got to chill with Amber and Becky, which was nice, and I got my cell phone back (thank god). Wee.
- Dealers Room run after that... I got the Red vs. Blue shirt that I wanted, but they didn't have the figure set I had been wanting anymore. D: Like... that sucked. rawr.
- Ummm. OH! Saw the staff that Kevin made me -- very cool! :D yay!
- Break down after that... didn't take long or anything, so that was nice. We stepped into the Dead Dog party for a bit, and I got a Yu-Gi-Oh Special Edition pack from the Volunteer raffle -- score, YGO cards! hahaha
- Went to Outback for dinner... mmmmm, Outback, yum.
- Got to Nicole's, did some internet stuffs, read Death Note 5 (I LOVE THAT VOLUME SO MUCH) and crashed.


Also, the Mech totally should have won the contest, IT WAS RIGGED. The opening was stupid, the judges sucked, the Turks were way uncool. And hey, they had BOY SEX at the YAOI PJ PARTY! What's up with that, it was GROSS! I didn't win a raffle, so obviously the party was STUPID AND DUMB AND CRAP. Oh and what was up with the video channel? was it 24? was it 26? NOBODY KNOWS! So that was crap, god. And hey! Why isn't there DDR in the game rooms?! LAME! (haha okay I'm done here.)

(and hey, reading con guides rock! so there.)
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