Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

So, since Nicole had to go and be whiny about how my birthday wish post fonts keep getting bigger (and she's wrong, I use the same size every time...) I figured I'd do this.

fluffymaru, YOU ROCK!!!

There. Now you can feel special. XP

Anyway. I had a great time last night, actually, despite some initial "blah" feelings and not really wanting to do anything.

I can't find my damn cord to connect my camera to my computer. ;_; As soon as I do, I'll have pictures... we got some awesome ones, and we all looked hot, if I do say so myself... (and, obviously, I do.) Anyway, much ♥ to everyone who went to PI last night, for just generally making me feel better, even if they didn't realize they were doing it.

Also, love for barbed_whispers, who always knows what to say to make me laugh. (Didn't you know? Asking me if I have a brain always works! What a loser.)

I went out with my mom today to look for places to live and whatnot. Found a couple places I really like... looking at townhomes right now, since my dad would really like to buy. There's at least three that I liked a lot that I'm pretty sure he'd be willing to spend the money on. We'll be going out this week sometime, when he can get out of the office early, so he can look at them and make a decision. wooo. If not, then we'll look for a short-lease apartment, I think, so that we can keep looking at houses or something. So that's... pretty exciting, I guess.
Tags: friends: nicole, growing up, randy
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