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So, I finally watched Speak. It was everything that barbed_whispers said it was and... well...

It was like... so hard to watch in all of the right ways. The rape scene was... oh god, it was terrifying. Terrifying in the way that it should be, because... obviously.

The art teacher was... oh god, he was perfect. Just... perfect. I loved him. I love him as a character, I love the way he was done in the movie, I love him.

And her room... and at the end, with all of her trees, and...

I couldn't get through the movie without crying. But I loved it. I... yeah. I'm glad I spent the money to buy it. Definitely worth it.

I can't find my copy of the book, though. Which is just... um. Yeah. But I keep saying I want to buy that new cover... fate, I guess, because now I have a reason to. I might even go out for it today.

Just... the book is so powerful to me, and the movie is just... yeah. Really well done.

I want to watch it again with the commentary. I'll have to do that soon.

(btw, Lis, that song that plays during the credits at the end -- do you know what that is? do you have it?)
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