Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

AFO Con Report 2006... sort of.

So a con report is kind of unnecessary, since I was barely even at the con, but whatever. Here's what I've been doing the past few days?! heh.


I couldn't get Kristen to switch with me at work, so I had to close... which meant no AFO for me on Friday, and no Pleasure Island, either. (Of course, they ended up not even going to PI, but whatever.) Didn't get to wear Elena, even though I am oh-so-sexy in my costume... oh well!

So work was... interesting. haha. Two code yellows (missing children) and guests who tried to start a fist-fight in the store! fun, fun! Nah, whatever, at least it makes it interesting, I guess.

I told Michael that I was switching weekends and wouldn't be closing with him as my LOD anymore... he was kind of upset about that, which made me feel good. I don't know, I always try to work hard when I'm there, so to have that noticed, even in little ways, makes me feel a bit better, I guess.

Went to Nicole and Casey's after work... played Halo... and WON A MATCH. WOOOOO. Oh man, you guys have no idea how good that felt, seriously. XD


Didn't really get enough sleep, but whatever. Got into Tenipuri cosplay... most comfortable cosplay EVAH. Seriously. Which is why I like wearing it, even if my wig does need help... seriously, like, what is the POOF that it gives me? Laaaame, that's what it is. But whateva, I don't care all that much.

Uhh. What did we even do Saturday? Found a piece of art I liked that I bought, so that was cool. Did a Dealers Room run... got my Tsubasa figure set FINALLY (omg I've only been wanting it since MEGACON, which is when I discovered it existed...) AND. and and and! I got a Hayabusa figure for myself, which I did not expect but really really loved! YAY YAY YAY. Also picked up Antique Bakery 4 and Tsubasa 10... which is exciting, but not con exciting, since I could have just gotten them at Waldenbooks, but whateva.

We went to Bad Apple Comics when we left the con, and Casey found his Ayane figure finally... YAY! Man, I hate Ayane, but it IS a pretty sweet figure, and I felt happy for him that he finally got it, since the quest for that thing has been like... EPIC, hahaha.

Man, I don't know. BAd Subway experience, then came back to Nicole and Casey's... OH OH WAIT NO.

Death Note! hahaha. So I decided like... WAY last minute that I was going to do Raito cosplay... so we went to Goodwill, and in a sign from GOD, found my pants and jacket, which I love beyond belief. Nicole and I also ghetto-ed up some Death Note's, which was kind of interesting and fun, really.

Came back to have Casey have to mess with my computer for like an HOUR for it to finally get onto the internet... sometimes I really hate my comp, I swear. Got online to some bullshit... made me think a lot, and made me realize a lot of things. Here, let me vague that up for you! But yeah, just... blah. I don't even really want to think about it enough to write about it, honestly, because... whatever.

So anyway!


Got up without really enough sleep again so that we could get into our Death Note cosplay and get there in time for the Death Note panel... which, we totally had the time wrong, so we got there early. Which was fine, I suppose. In any case, we did sit through the entire panel... it was kind of so-so. Not the worst panel I've ever been to, but far from the best. Anyway, I guess I shouldn't have been expecting much from it, but ah well. I liked being in DN cosplay though, actually, which I didn't expect much, so that was pretty awesome.

Actually, writing random things in our Death Note's was probably the best part... hahaha.

ANYWAY. Took some pictures after the panel, but didn't stay too long... we went out to Sewing Studio, since we had some awesome coupons. Ended up being a total bust for me, but Nicole found some stuff she needed, so I suppose that's all right, then. Hopefully I'll find my Elliot brocade when we go to Jo-Ann's tomorrow... ::crosses fingers:: I'm really excited to do him, actually, even though Stef is still my first priority. :D :D


Anyway, yeah, Dragon*Con stuff will be heating up, now, and I'm really kind of looking forward to that. I'll be pulling my new sewing machine out of the box for the first time here soon, and I can't wait! :D :D :D

ALSO. Casey sucks at Ninja Gaiden! hahaha (I'm kidding, Casey. :P )

Okay, it's starting to storm pretty bad, and we might lose power, so I'm going to post this before it all disappears on me, because that would SUCK.
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