Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

I move into my new apartment tomorrow. ::flips out only a little:: They pissed me off today, though, by not letting me pick up my key until tomorrow morning, which I think is absolute bullshit since my move-in date is today, even if the moving company isn't coming until tomorrow. WHATEVER. I just can't wait to be in there and have all the stress from this shit out of my life.

I did get a chance to peek inside and see it for the first time, though, however briefly. It's a little small, but so what, yeah? It's two bedrooms, though, and it's... haha, I don't know. Normal. White walls, beige carpet... I'll take pictures when I get the chance. I think, mostly, I'm just excited to be able to live by myself for a while. (Though, I won't lie -- I can't fucking wait for barbed_whispers to move her ass down here already, because that's going to be awesome. Or terrifying. Actually, probably both!)

I have to admit, though, hanging out with Nicole and Casey this whole week has been a helluva lot of fun... although I'm sure they're ready to be rid of me, hahaha.

Anyway. I had my first Monday of my new schedule at work today... went pretty well. I felt bad for Melissa and Molly, who were both having kinda bad days, but I had a nice lunch with Carrie and Brandy and have I mentioned lately how much I actually do like my job, and especially the people I work with? I mean, sometimes I hate my job, and sometimes I wake up and just don't want to go, but I always like the people I'm working with, and that's a huge plus.

Oh! And I have Valencia orientation tomorrow, too! Oh, good lord. ::falls over::

And I just have to add this: simplykatie, you are a wonderful person and those people are just assholes who don't deserve your time, okay? I wish I could be there for you today, but you know I'm there in spirit and I'm thinking about you and I ♥ you. I wish you were online more, because I miss talking to you. :( And we need to talk about script! Yesss. Anyway, I hope you feel better because those people are so not worth getting upset over, seriously.

That said, I think I'm done here. :)
Tags: college, friends: nicole, randy, who wants to be ordinary?, work

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