Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

I guess I should do an update, since I haven't in a while.

First things first: much love to Nicole and Casey for throwing me a birthday party. :D I had a lot of fun, even if Trick Shots fails like a failing thing. And thanks to you guys who came, too. :D

School has started again. I've been to two of my four classes so far... I'll go to the other two today. My math professor seems AWESOME, even if it is math. But that should make the class better! Because even if I hate the subject material, I like him, so maybe I won't dread going to class every week. My Western Civ professor is less awesome, which makes me SO MAD at myself, because the prof I had at UCF was so cool, and I fucked that up. ergh. Still... doesn't seem like it'll be bad. Essay tests, which made a lot of people groan, but dude, I LOVE those things. And only one paper, 2000 words, which wtf, is SHORT. I'm not worried. Plus, I LIKE history, even if I generally like it a little more modern than ancient Sumerarians, but whatevs. We'll get into Greek/Roman stuff eventually... although she said we probably won't make it to the Reformation and Renaissance. Oh well.

We'll see how U.S. Government and Religion goes today then, eh?

In other news, work has been... insane. They just downloaded a new timeclock system... and you'd think people were morons, I swear. You push the "START WORK" button to begin your shift. What a concept! I hate them all. If anything, this new timeclock is less complicated than the old one, where you had to push "F10". Whatever, I hate them all.

Although, it DOES suck that no one bothered to give any of Clerical any training, which means that we don't know how to get to any of our reports. FUN. But whatever, I'm on vacation now, so hopefully they'll have it figured out by the time I get back, eh?

Speaking of vacation... OMG DRAGON*CON SOON! I am so excited. Really. I should probably make myself a checklist or something, though, or I'm likely to forget something, which would not be cool. ergh. And it would be really nice to have a CAMERA CORD, so that I could have nothing on my memory card and plenty of room for pics! And so that I could DOWNLOAD THEM when I got home! UGHHHH that is so aggravating, because I STILL haven't found it, and a replacement one from Best Buy is like... $30. wtf?

OH. My tamagotchi (Lilly) had a baby! it was so funny. This other random tamagotchi shows up, and then a screen that says Love? and has me pick yes or no. So, for kicks, I pick yes, right? And then it shows them together with a heart over their heads... AND THEN THE SCREEN GOES BLACK. AND THEN THERE ARE FIREWORKS. omg, they were so having sex! And when the lights came back on? The other tamagotchi was GONE and there was a baby next to Lilly! omg the bastard left her a single mom! rofl. And when she feeds the baby, it kind of looks like she's puking on it. There's still some question as to what the baby will be named. He's a boy... I'm thinking of following in the VMars tradition and going with Wevil. (only one 'e', because it has to be five letters or less.) ahaha, I love this thing.

I know I had other things to update about... bah. This is what I get for not updating every day.

Random: If you hadn't noticed yet, I changed my layout. I think it's very pretty now! I probably won't keep this up for long, though, since it's an eljay default and that kind of bugs me, but at the same time I really like it... so we'll see!
Tags: birthday!, college, friends: nicole, good times, tamagotchi, who wants to be ordinary?, work

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