Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

Quick update before I have to leave the Library for class...

* Going to moms tonight. Will collect Windows Disk. Will reinstall Windows. Will hopefully have computer again.

* Math SUCKS. Okay, seriously. I was up FOREVER last night doing math. And today during lunch break. Am I done? No, of course not. ::stabs things::

* Had the most awesome conversation last night EVER with barbed_whispers and simplykatie. Everyone should know: onions are poisoned. If you eat them, you'll die within 20 minutes. ::/PSA::

* In light of the most awesome conversation EVER, my phone service decided to turn off today. FUN! Of the not-so-much variety. I think I can still receive calls, so you can try if you need me, but otherwise it's gone until either Friday or Saturday. So hopefully I can get my computer back up tonight, or I will be without any way to communicate to the outside world...

* I finished the Coldfire Trilogy! OMG SO GOOOOOD. SO, SO GOOD. fnjknbklfdbnlk. I want to write about it. I don't have time right now.

* For the record: work sucks. had a HORRIBLE day today, tomorrow is not looking to be much better. What is up with my week??

* What's REALLY funny, is that despite all the bad shit going on this week? I am in a surprisingly good mood. So YAAY for that, at least!

ETA: haha, I just realized that those last two things look so contradictory. BUT THEY ARE BOTH TRUE. okay. ::runs away to freakin' math now::
Tags: books: coldfire, college, randy, this shit is bananas, work
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