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I love how I just focus on non-important stuff, like fandom and all that jazz. haha, woo.

♥ for the VMars season premier, man. KEITH WHY DO I LOVE YOU SO? Seriously. Like... seriously.

I liked Heroes. Was surprised that I actually sat down and watched it, and now I have the problem of, you know, I'm going to have to DOWNLOAD IT every week, along with VMars, but whatever. That brings my watching count up to three! Four, if I decide to download House and catch up once I have the computer to do it on. (And five, if I ever manage to catch up to Lost, wtf)

Plus, I watched the SERIES PREMIERE of Heroes. Do you know how rare that is for me? haha, it sounds stupid, but seriously. I hardly ever watch a series from the very first air date anymore. I kind of wait to hear it's good, and then catch up if I agree. So... we'll see! (I really like the Japanese guy, though. hee.)

btw. Is House worth it this season? I can't decide if it's worth it to download, since I can't watch it while it's on.

BUT. At least I have no school or work during Supernatural! :D :D :D :D :D Oh man, I was watching the clip that's on the internet from it today? WTF LOOOVEEEEE. ME WANTS, PRECIOUS, ME DOES. I'm excited. This is an exciting moment for me!

I am almooost done with the first season of Avatar. I need to get on that!
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