Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

Time to update? You bet!

I don't really remember what I updated about last time. hmm.

I did end up signing up for yuletide, and I'm happy about what I get to write. :D Chances are I'll be cursing myself for this later, but for now it's all sunshine and roses. hahaha.
(If you're my yuletide santa and you read this: pretty much everything makes me happy. Het, slash, gen... whatever. Hardcore or G rated... I am seriously easy to please. But if you're writing AB:VH, plz do not be making Edward gay? kthx.)

Umm. I had a really awesome Halloween night, and a really horrible few days at work. (The work load tonight was ridiculously large, and most definitely transferred over into tomorrow, and possibly also Monday morning, which blows so hard I don't even have the words.) I am, however, looking seriously into getting a second job. We'll see.

I finished my take home test for Western Civilization (thank god) which consisted of ten short essays and three longer ones. wtf, why did I put it off? And speaking of putting things off... I still have to do my paper, which is also due tomorrow. o.O wtf.

Some pictures of our Halloween stuff:

My Mad Hatter... not full length and not the best pic ever, but oh well:

Totally out of character for Anita, but I like this pic of myself:

Casey and I in Anita and Asher... in b&w, because we discovered that was the easiest setting for a club environment, heh:

Nicole and I in a, GASP, decent pic of Anita and Jean-Claude (so many of them turned out bad, seriously, wtf):

Aaaand, yet more proof for the masses that Nicole and I have issues keeping a straight face for photos:

A sillyfuntimes pic of Anita using her cross to get Jean-Claude to go away, rofl:

And last but not least! THE BEST WAY TO WEAR HEELS:

woot. ::runs off::
Tags: amusing, college, cosplay, crack!, fannish, friends: nicole, good times, who wants to be ordinary?, yuletide

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